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A report broadcast by Al Jazeera showed the place where what became known as the flour massacre took place - which claimed the lives of 109 martyrs and hundreds of injured - as a result of the bombing by the Israeli occupation forces of a gathering of Palestinian citizens while they were waiting to receive flour and humanitarian aid, in the Gaza Strip.

According to the map provided by Suhaib Al-Assa, the massacre took place near the Nabulsi roundabout, which is located at the intersection of Al-Rashid Street, which extends from north to south on the beach, with Street No. 10 in the southwestern side of Gaza City.

The occupation forces had withdrawn almost completely from the northern, northwestern and northeastern regions, as well as the eastern regions, but maintained their positions in the southern sector of Gaza City between Al-Zaytoun and Sheikh Ajlin Streets, from which they carried out incursions into the city and bombing operations from time to time.

It is known that the scarce aid - which is allowed to enter the center of the Strip - passes through Al-Rashid Street, which prompts the displaced and the people of Gaza City and the northern regions to gather when they hear of the arrival or unloading of relief trucks, which is what happened at the Nabulsi roundabout, where aid was unloaded, to which crowds of Palestinians headed. .

Then there were sniping operations by the occupation forces, whether military vehicles, tanks, and soldiers, or marches that targeted the crowds with sniper bullets. About 109 were martyred by the time the report was broadcast, in addition to hundreds of wounded.

The Government Information Office in Gaza said that the occupation committed this horrific massacre with premeditation as part of the genocide of the people of the besieged Strip, as it knew that the victims would arrive in the area to obtain aid, but it killed them in cold blood.

Source: Al Jazeera