Job hunting for university students graduating next spring will get into full swing as companies begin holding information sessions for students on the 1st.

It appears that there are many cases where hiring is not progressing as planned among companies facing a labor shortage, and there is a movement to start recruiting early.

The job hunting process for current third-year university students who will graduate next spring is based on rules set by the government, and companies will begin holding information sessions for students from the 1st.

On the 1st, Mynavi, a major job information company, will hold joint company information sessions in various locations such as Yokohama and Nagoya, and Recruit will hold a large-scale information session online.

In a survey conducted by Recruit from December last year to January this year, which received responses from more than 1,400 companies, only 36.1% said they were able to secure the number of hires planned for this spring.Since the survey began in 2011, It has become the lowest.

While companies are highly motivated to hire due to labor shortages, it appears that in many cases, hiring is not progressing as planned due to a small number of students applying or declines of job offers.

For this reason, there is a movement to start recruiting earlier than the rules set by the government.

Takashi Kurita*Yoshi, Director of Recruit's Research Institute for Employment Futures, said, ``Many companies are looking to secure human resources, and their hiring activities are starting to start earlier each year.Even among students, they are starting to enroll in university classes earlier. In addition to having an impact on the quality of employment, I have heard that some students are applying for the selection process without being fully prepared.It is also becoming easier to receive offers from companies through job hunting, leading to mismatches after joining the company. I think this is becoming more likely."

*“Yoshi” means “sheep” in “show”