China News Service, Beijing, February 29 (Shao Meng) Currently, the Internet has increasingly become an outlet for mainstream values ​​and the spirit of the times.

Cyberspace calls for positive energy, and every sincere positive energy contributes to a clean and upright online environment and a better China.

  Sing the strongest voice of positive energy in cyberspace.

The 2023 China Positive Energy Internet Quality Collection and Broadcast Event hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China has officially launched online voting.

After preliminary selection, 1,100 works stood out from the submissions and were shortlisted for the final selection.

According to the work arrangement, online voting will be held before the final election from February 27 to March 4. The voting results will be used as an important reference for the final selection of China's positive energy network products.

  These works spell out a panoramic view of the past year, freezing the major moments and brilliant achievements, the stories shining with warmth, and the ordinary but great strivers into the memories of the times.

  China's positive energy network boutique, recording stunning highlight moments.

In 2023, China will embark on a new journey with a more confident and determined pace: the annual GDP increased by 5.2% year-on-year, and food production achieved "twenty consecutive harvests"; the tenth anniversary of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative has changed the lives of countless people. ; The Shenzhou 17 manned spacecraft was successfully launched, the domestic large aircraft C919 completed its first commercial flight, and major countries frequently introduced new equipment; the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Chengdu Universiade were held successively, and China demonstrated its strength with its openness and wonderful performance... … Each of these dazzling achievements has allowed us to witness the high-spirited style of China in the new era.

  China's positive energy network quality products set an example for the times of courage and responsibility.

In 2023, there are always some role models that we admire and admire, and there are always some moments that make us work hard: when Typhoon "Dusuri" caused heavy rainfall, rescue workers, volunteers and local people worked together to carry out rescue and help each other, and staged countless touching performances. Story: When a 6.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in Jishishan County, Gansu Province, Wu Yunbo from Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, galloped more than 2,600 kilometers in the ice and snow just to deliver beef to the disaster area; there was also a delivery boy who jumped off a 12-meter high bridge to save people, The "prospectors" who stick to the snow-covered plateau with an altitude of more than 5,000 meters... The touching scenes show us the ordinary persistence and fearless responsibility.

  China's positive energy network quality products sound the clarion call of the times for a new journey.

The new journey is an expedition full of glory and dreams. There are no shortcuts, only hard work.

From the athletes who worked hard at the Hangzhou Asian Games and Chengdu Universiade to show the world their fighting spirit and calmness and confidence, to the scientific researchers who overcame difficulties and never gave up behind the country's most important weapons; from stepping onto the three-foot podium to using loyalty and dedication The veterans who dreamed of China, the builders who braved hardships to build roads and bridges in the mountains...the inspiring stories made us feel the power of hard work and hard work.

  Gather the strength of powerful countries and jointly build the great cause of rejuvenation.

China's positive energy network quality collection and exhibition activities closely follow the pulse of the times, highlight the empowerment of new technologies, new methods, and new carriers, and use works full of "Internet flavor" and "Internet sense" to gather the positive energy of China that is striving to move forward, and inspire people to In the continuous struggle, we will move forward indomitably and join hands to embark on the journey of building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation.

  The Internet gathers China’s positive energy, and it’s time to set sail.

The Internet space is changing with each passing day, and it is necessary to continuously inject positive energy "network power".

China's positive energy network boutique, we look forward to every positive energy-filled vote from you.

  To gather the "micro" power at your fingertips, you are welcome to click on the voting link ( to cast your thumbs up for China's positive energy network products !