2:55 p.m., February 29, 2024

An 85-year-old woman suffering from so-called Lewy body disease, a degenerative neurological disease, had been missing since her arrival at Aix-en-Provence hospital on Friday February 23.

She was found two days later dead in a dumpster in the basement of the establishment.

An 85-year-old woman suffering from so-called Lewy body disease, a degenerative neurological disease, was found dead in a container at Aix-en-Provence hospital last Sunday, indicates our colleagues from La



Admitted to the emergency room of Aix-en-Provence hospital on Friday with her daughter Claudine, after a new attack, the woman had symptoms of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and auditory hallucinations.

She was followed by a doctor at the Montperrin psychiatric hospital since 2017, specifies the daily. 

“The hospital hasn’t moved”

It was early in the evening, while her daughter went to get a drink, that her mother was picked up and taken to an emergency room.

When she returns, she is not allowed to stay and must return to her home in Meyreuil, at the hospital's request.

45 minutes after arriving home, the establishment called her and told her that her mother had disappeared. 

Panicked, Claudine rushes back to the hospital and asks to watch the surveillance camera videos.

According to his testimony, given to

La Provence

, due to the absence of the person in charge of video surveillance, due to vacation, it was not possible to access these videos.

Hospital staff also did not have the codes to view the images.

Claudine wanders through the hospital and its surroundings, in vain.

She ends up posting a message on the social network Facebook to try to find her.

At 1 a.m., she decided to report the disappearance to the police station.

After a long search, the family, accompanied by firefighters, managed to find the woman in a garbage container in the basement of the establishment on Sunday.

According to the missing woman's daughter, "the hospital didn't move, no one did anything."

The victim entered the dumpster alone

On CCTV camera videos, the lady is seen on Friday around 8:45 p.m. in the basement of the hospital, details

La Provence


According to these videos, the victim entered the dumpster alone.

"She suffers from psychological fragility and regular attacks of dementia. She wandered and was able to access the basement on her own. The investigation attests that she entered this container alone. The autopsy confirms that she died of pneumonia. Additional examinations are underway to confirm this", specifies the Aix-en-Provence public prosecutor's office on a daily basis. 

An investigation was opened on instructions from the public prosecutor's office and entrusted to the Aix police station.

The victim's family filed a complaint for lack of hospital supervision.