Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-19:39

  • Ábalos stands up to Sánchez, He does not renounce the record and goes to the Mixed Group: "I am completely alone but I will defend my honor"

The appearance of

José Luis Ábalos

, in which he announced that he was not resigning his seat nor handing over his deputy record, received a forceful response from the PSOE: suspended from militancy.

The statement in which

Pedro Sánchez

's party explained the decision it adopted contained personal data of the former minister, such as his ID and his email address, a fact that was quickly echoed by the media and television programs, such as 'Everything. is a lie'.

This fact did not sit well with the party leadership who, through their communications office, sent

Risto Mejide

a letter in which they stated that they would no longer collaborate with the Cuatro space.

The presenter did not hesitate and harshly criticized this action, believing that it violated the right to information and was also

typical of undemocratic countries.

"Look at how they act under the table. They have not understood a fundamental right such as freedom of information, freedom of expression. They have not understood anything.

This is typical of a banana republic and a dictatorship


Mejide showed the camera that statement against the program, in which statements could be read such as that they would not receive information from the PSOE again: for having commented on personal data.

"As you will understand, you are not going to have anyone from the PSOE as long as it depends on me

. "