The Leadership Council of Experts consists of 88 members of the clergy elected for a period of 8 years (Al Jazeera)

Tehran -

A week after its launch, the period of propaganda campaigns for the elections for Parliament and the Assembly of Experts in Iran is about to end at dawn tomorrow, Thursday, so that the Iranians, 24 hours after the country entered the period of electoral silence, prepare to vote in the electoral entitlement scheduled for the beginning of next March.

With the end of the week-long propaganda campaigns, all forms of them will become prohibited in accordance with Article 56 of the Parliamentary Elections Law and Article 23 of the Leadership Council of Experts Elections Law.

In the legislative elections, about 15,200 candidates are competing for 290 parliamentary seats, 30 of which are for the capital, Tehran, which is considered the largest electoral district in the country.

Iranian voters, who number 61 million 172 thousand and 298 people, will also choose members of the Leadership Council of Experts, consisting of 88 members of the clergy for a period of 8 years.

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