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Deployment in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Photo: Liesa Johannssen / REUTERS

The apartment building in Berlin-Kreuzberg where former RAF terrorist Daniela Klette lived has been evacuated because of a possible danger.

All residents had to leave their apartments in the afternoon and then stood on the street, as a dpa reporter observed.

The “Bild” newspaper also reported on the eviction.

There was initially no official reason, but a police forensic investigator said: "Because we found something that is dangerous." There was supposedly an object suspected of being explosive.

The police forensic technicians also had to leave the building.

It is not yet known whether explosives specialists or bomb disposal specialists were called in.

Investigators arrested Klette in Berlin-Kreuzberg on Monday evening.

She is now in custody.

The search for the former RAF terrorists Klette as well as Burkhard Garweg and Ernst-Volker Staub has been ongoing for a long time.

The two men have not been caught.