Gauthier Delomez 11:46 a.m., February 28, 2024

It is with a career spanning almost 60 years that Serge Lama has given his opinion on today's French singers.

In the show “Pascal Praud et vous”, every day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Europe 1, the author of 22 studio albums estimated that the song, the text, “no longer existed”.

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When Serge Lama talks about his writing, this Wednesday in the show

Pascal Praud et vous

, the singer believes that his style would no longer suit the current era.

“For the moment, the song no longer exists, almost,” he asserts on Europe 1. “The text no longer exists. The authors of songs, now, they make a sentence, and then it’s "anything, it doesn't matter. As long as the music is good enough, it does the trick," he regrets, sparing Florent Pagny and Calogéro, two artists with whom he wrote songs.