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Military police forces control access to a favela

Photo: Mauro Pimentel / AFP

In the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, at least nine people were killed in an operation by the police and military in several poor neighborhoods.

Two police officers were injured and five people were arrested, Brazilian media such as the news portal “G1” reported.  

According to police, the dead were criminals.

More than 20,000 students were unable to go to class because schools were closed.

Many people stayed in their homes because they were afraid of being injured during the operation.

According to the "G1" report, the police, who were supported by the Special Police Operations Battalion (Bope) and Special Resources Coordination (Core), wanted to arrest the heads of the Comando Vermelho (Red Command) crime syndicate, which is hiding in the slum should have.

The Globo News television channel showed images of barricades made of rubber tires, furniture and cars set on fire by criminals to stop the police.

In Rio's slums, numerous people are repeatedly killed in police operations.

Powerful gangs there are fighting for control of drug trafficking and protection rackets.

Three years ago, police officers killed at least 28 suspected drug gang members in the Jacarezinho favela in the bloodiest operation in Rio's history.