China News Service, Nanchang, February 28 (Lu Mengmeng, Chen Zheng) Right now is a critical period for grape field management and protection.

At the grape planting base in Changfeng Village, Qiaoshe Town, Nanchang Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province, growers are seizing the time to prune branches and trim sheds to lay a solid foundation for a bumper harvest and increased income in the new year.

  In the grape growing greenhouse, rows of grape trellises are lined up neatly, and village agricultural technician Xia Guodong is working hard to prune the grapevines.

"The quality of tying and pruning will directly affect the yield of grapes this year. We started the first round of pruning before the Spring Festival, and now we are doing re-pruning to balance the tree shape and vigor." Xia Guodong said that spring is During the grape budding, leaf spreading, branch growth and heading seasons, after pruning, the nutrients of the grape vine will not be lost, and the branches will become stronger.

  In recent years, with the policy support of Nanchang Economic Development Zone, Changfeng Village has adopted a "cooperative + farmer" development model to vigorously develop the characteristic grape planting industry.

The Changfeng Village grape planting base was built in 2017 and planting started in 2018. The planting area is nearly 40 acres and the fixed investment is 500,000 yuan.

After long-term seedling cultivation and technological improvements, the base's grape output quadrupled last year.

At present, the grape planting base mainly has three varieties: summer black grape, sunshine rose grape and Kyoho grape. The annual output can reach 100,000 jins and the annual output value is nearly 1 million yuan.

  Not far away, at the fruit tree planting base of Consolidated Village, Qiaoshe Town, Nanchang Economic Development Zone, farmers are busy marking lines, leveling trenches, pulling soil and preparing materials, and you can see a picture of spring plowing with hard work and early arrival.

"We have been busy since the sixth day of the first lunar month. Taking advantage of the recent good weather, we must seize the time to pack up the seedlings planted a year ago and try to cultivate more bayberry and plum trees to meet the needs of the market." Growers Chen Xiaoming said.

  "This year we are planning to build a characteristic ecological picking garden that integrates fruit picking, research and education, and rural leisure. It will not only allow villagers to find jobs at home and increase everyone's income, but also further increase the village's collective income." Consolidating the Village Party Branch Secretary Sun Wenhai said.

The picture shows the fruit tree planting base of Consolidated Village, Qiaoshe Town, Nanchang Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province.

(File photo) Photo by Chen Zheng

  Green, environmentally friendly and efficient scientific and technological means have now become a bright spot in spring plowing production.

At Jiangxi Keyuan Seed Co., Ltd. located in Wuyang Town, Nanchang County, Nanchang City, the company's six digital fully automatic production lines are operating at full capacity, and employees in foreman, sorting, and packaging positions are working intensively.

"Currently, we produce more than 40,000 kilograms of seeds every day, which can well meet farmers' seed needs for spring plowing." Yu Hongkeng, manager of the warehousing, logistics and processing department of Jiangxi Keyuan Seed Industry Co., Ltd. said.

  The plan for the year begins with spring.

At present, no matter in orchards, rape fields or seedling breeding bases, you can always see busy figures. Farmers are seizing the farming season and actively participating in spring plowing production. The land of Gansu and Po is full of hot scenes of spring plowing preparations and a strong start to agricultural production. Good situation.