14-year-old Sumire Nakamura, 3-dan, who holds the record for being the youngest woman to win the Go title, arrived in South Korea, where she was transferred, and spoke of her aspirations, ``I want to win the women's Go title in Korea within a few years.''

Nakamura 3-dan, who holds the record for being the youngest player to win a women's title in Japan, will transfer to the Korea Ki Center as a ``visiting player'' in order to aim for a higher level, and will begin playing locally in March.

Sandan Nakamura, who arrived at the Seoul airport on the 28th, told reporters with a smile, ``I feel like this day has finally come, so I'm really looking forward to it.I eat kimchi jjigae every day.'' .

She then talked about her aspirations, saying, ``I like Korea because there are a lot of strong players and I have a lot of friends there.I want to win the women's title within a few years.''

From the age of 7, Nakamura 3-dan frequently visited South Korea, a powerful country, playing against players of the same age at the local Go dojo and receiving instruction from local professional Go players, honing his skills. After moving to Korea, he was considering becoming a professional at the Korean Ki Academy.

On March 3rd, Nakamura 3-dan will play her first match after transferring to the Korea Ki Institute.