China News Service, Hangzhou, February 28 (Title by Tong Xiaoyu Wang) The spring tea picking season of West Lake Longjing is approaching. Relevant experts said in an interview with China News Service on the 28th that due to the continuous low temperature some time ago, West Lake Longjing was in a dormant state and the tea buds had not yet It seems that compared with previous years, the intensive picking period of West Lake Longjing tea may be postponed this year, but the continuous rain will actually improve the quality of the tea.

  West Lake Longjing is one of the top ten famous teas in China, with a history of more than 1,200 years.

West Lake Scenic Area is the main production area of ​​West Lake Longjing tea.

Previously, Hangzhou experienced a cold wave, freezing rain occurred in some places in the scenic area, and tea leaves occasionally froze.

  Lu Yiqing, a staff member of the Xihu Street Agricultural Technology Station, said in a previous interview that when the cold wave came, because the tea leaves were still in a dormant state, except for a very small number of buds that had a tendency to germinate, the continuous low temperature in the previous period had an impact on the tea buds that had not yet sprouted. Not big.

  To meet the mining conditions for West Lake Longjing tea, it generally requires an average temperature of above 20°C for a consecutive week.

According to the Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory, low temperatures will still be the “protagonist” in the weather in the coming week.

  Fan Shenghua, inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project "West Lake Longjing Picking and Making Techniques", believes that due to the impact of low temperatures, this year's large-scale intensive picking of West Lake Longjing spring tea may be postponed.

However, moderately low temperature weather is conducive to the growth of tea and will increase the overwintering mortality rate of diseases and insect pests.

  Around February 28th to 29th and March 4th to 5th, there will be significant rainfall in Hangzhou.

Will rainy weather affect West Lake Longjing tea?

  Lu Yiqing said that the continuous rain has actually improved the quality of the tea. The nitrogen in the atmosphere brought by the rain is conducive to the synthesis and accumulation of amino acids in the tea. He believes that the Longjing tea after the beginning of spring will taste better and have a rich aroma.