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For some time now you have been 'killing' yourself to practice the exercises that are supposed to guarantee you a healthier life and, incidentally, a more


and slim figure, but... no matter how much you sweat and try, you don't see that your body does it. note.

It is the "evil of many", because in


, like almost everything in life, "the amount of training that is done is not so important, but the quality with which it is practiced," says

Manuel Rozalén,

doctor in Physiotherapy.

In fact, explains the expert, "many of the exercises that are usually seen in gyms will be of almost no use, in fact, they can put health at risk."

The key is in the "almost" that Rozalén points out.

"All exercises are worth something, the problem is that we do not select the appropriate ones based on our objective. For example, there are people who want to

lose weight

and undergo endless cardio sessions, when it is really not a specific exercise to lose weight, To lose fat from the whole body you have to combine strength and aerobic exercise," says another expert,

Antonio Prieto García,

personal trainer and regional manager of the VivaGym centers.

At his gym, he says, the exercises they see most often with the intention of losing abdominal and whole body fat are the crunch - the floor crunches that consist of bending the legs and raising the trunk - and the 40-minute run. on tape.

But "you can't lose localized abdominal fat by doing just


or lose weight just by running," he adds.

Even in some cases a certain exercise can have the opposite effect to what we are looking for.

"With the abdominals there could be a rebound effect," says

Pascal Romano,

trainer at KO Urban Detox Center and coach of the French teams for their Olympic preparation for more than a decade, from 2000 to 2015. "They are usually done with the abdomen outward, believing that all the


are involved , but the transverse muscles are not worked, which are what cause a flat stomach. Also in chest exercises "it is common to pull more on the shoulder," warns the expert.

Why don't exercises work?

That is, "you cannot work a


in isolation; it has been shown that a combined exercise is more effective, especially if we accompany it with a balanced diet," insists

Pascal Romano.

Why do exercises sometimes not work for us? We ask the experts.

"When this happens it is only due to a lack of


and frequency," she responds bluntly.

Also, on many occasions, to the lack of weight: "If you want to 'gain muscle', this is the reason why you don't see the



"Really, the problem is not that the routines do not work, but that the appropriate exercises are not chosen for the


you have," insists Antonio Prieto.

More weight or more repetitions?

Here comes the other big question: weight or repetitions?

"It depends on whether you are looking to define - in this case we will do more repetitions with less weight - or increase muscle


, in which case it will be the other way around: more weight and fewer repetitions," responds Pascal Romano.



always depends on a good mix of both: "The body needs us to give it a greater


and a different stimulus, the increase in both repetitions and weight is what makes the person advance in their specific objective, both at when it comes to gaining muscle mass or losing weight," says Antonio Prieto.

Exercises that don't work

As Dr. Rozalén introduced, some of the


that are most seen in gyms do not serve the objective with which they are put into practice, in most cases losing weight, reducing waistline and getting rid of


body fat.

The experts at MaboFarma, one of the leading food supplement and cosmetic laboratories in our country, detail six that, when done poorly, provide almost no


, and how to make them or which ones should be replaced to achieve better



  • Abs against love handles.

    It is usually thought that they are the only exercise to get a flat stomach, but no matter how many you do, you will not burn a noticeable amount of fat.

    Against this, and to lose centimeters on the waist, the best are cardio exercises and planks, which should be combined with a healthy, reduced-calorie diet.

  • Cardio to lose weight.

    This type of exercise is very useful for burning fat and losing weight, but it also reduces muscle mass: the result is a thin and flabby body.

  • Squats for the glute.

    They will only work if they are done with good posture and with weight.

    The classic ones with a bar are perfect, which also increase balance.

    On the other hand, those done on a machine do not help activate the stabilizing muscles.

  • Twists to refine the waist.

    Losing centimeters in this area depends largely on a diet low in fat and calories, in addition to exercising.

    Poor turns can overload the discs between vertebrae and cause injuries.

  • Repetitions instead of weight.

    When what you want is to convert fat into muscle rather than abusing repetitions, you have to resort to weight and perform exercises that involve real effort.

    Although it must be done in a progressive and controlled manner, to avoid the risk of injury.

  • Defined arms.

    To strengthen the triceps, the most common thing is to do exercises on a bench, but it is not the best option, since excessive pressure is exerted on the shoulder joint.

    The ideal way to strengthen the triceps is to do push ups.

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