The 10 major electric power companies have announced that electricity bills for April will be lower at 6 out of 10 companies due to falling prices of crude oil and coal, which are used as fuel for thermal power generation.

According to the announcement, the ``regulated rate'' billed in April for households with a large number of subscribers will be 8,316 yen, a decrease of 2 yen for

Hokkaido Electric Power , compared to March for households with average usage

. Tohoku Electric Power fell 52 yen to 7,493 yen

; Hokuriku Electric Power fell 50 yen to 6,531 yen

; Chugoku Electric Power fell 53 yen to 7,144 yen

; Shikoku Electric Power fell 62 yen to 7,210 yen

; Okinawa Electric Power fell 46 yen to 7,963 yen.

Six out of 10 major electric power companies will lower their prices.

The main reason for this was a decline in the prices of crude oil and coal, which are the fuel for thermal power generation.

On the other hand, the prices of the four companies will rise due to factors such as increased use of LNG (liquefied natural gas), which has increased in price, and an increase in the usage fee for power transmission lines

. 7,576 yen

, Chubu Electric Power rose 93 yen to 7,384 yen

, Kansai Electric Power rose 65 yen to 6,211 yen

, Kyushu Electric Power rose 20 yen to 6,156 yen.

Additionally, due to the rise in the price of LNG, the price of city gas billed in April will increase compared to March for all four major gas companies.

For households with average consumption,

Tokyo Gas rose 80 yen to 5,628 yen

, Osaka Gas rose 77 yen to 6,178 yen

, Toho Gas rose 83 yen to 6,794 yen

, and Saibu Gas rose 59 yen to 6,402 yen. Masu.