Solène Delinger 7:45 p.m., February 28, 2024

In an interview given to "Ouest-France" this Wednesday, February 28, Vincent Lindon reacts to his portrait in "Le Monde", which attributes presidential intentions to him.

And the actor doesn't beat around the bush...

Vincent Lindon soon at the Elysée?

The portrait of Le


devoted to the actor left room for doubt... The main person concerned denies it.

“Let’s be serious, I’m a movie actor,” says Vincent Lindon in an interview with


“This paper was made against my will”

“But these are my roles which are political: trade unionist in

At war

, unemployed in revolt in 

The Law of the Market

, the lifeguard of


 who helps a migrant cross the Channel." Vincent Lindon explains that he did not give the green light to Le


for his portrait. "This paper was made against my will.

I refused to answer them and they did without me,” he laments.

“Some comments are approximate or even inaccurate”

In his article, the journalist from Le


mainly cites statements from Vincent Lindon's entourage, on his supposed dream of becoming president.

“Some comments are approximate, even inaccurate. Others are words spoken by people who sometimes fantasize about answers that would not have been mine,” reprimands the actor who absolutely does not want to get into politics.

Even a post of Minister of Culture would not interest him: "An artist has much more power than a Minister of Culture" because "his freedom of speech is fundamental", underlines Vincent Lindon, who we will always find At the movie theater.

The actor is starring in

 Like a Son, 

in which he plays the role of a teacher who has lost the taste for teaching.

Witness to an attack in a local grocery store, he allows the arrest of one of the thieves, Victor, 14, a teenager who has dropped out of school whom he will try to help.