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Disney World in Florida

Photo: Octavio Jones / REUTERS

In the USA, a man is suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Last October, his wife, a New York doctor, died after eating at a restaurant in Disney World in the US state of Florida.

The lawsuit states that the doctor had dinner at an Irish pub.

She had a severe allergy to nuts and dairy and told the waiter.

The couple questioned him about various items on the menu, according to the lawsuit.

The waiter then asked the chef "whether certain dishes could be prepared allergy-free" before returning to the table and confirming that this was possible.

The couple asked the waiter several more times to be absolutely sure the food was nut and dairy free before the doctor ordered a doughnut, scallops and onion rings, according to the lawsuit.

When the food arrived, the couple asked again whether it really didn't contain any nuts or dairy products.

The waiter said yes.

But about three quarters of an hour after eating, the doctor from New York had breathing problems and collapsed.

She injected herself with an emergency treatment for severe allergic reactions, according to the lawsuit.

But she later died in a hospital.

A coroner's inquest determined that she died of an allergic reaction resulting from elevated levels of milk and nuts in her body.