Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-09:52

A clear case of censorship occurred on

Canarian public television

this Tuesday when, due to "management orders", the member of the Conecta Canarias program,

Francisco Pomares

, was silenced when he was sharing information.

Specifically, Pomares was mentioning an investigation by the Prosecutor's Office for alleged fraud against the Treasury by the president of UD Las Palmas,

Miguel Ángel Ramírez

, the politician Lucas Bravo from Laguna, and the businessmen Christian Cerpa and Noel Jammal, for having sold in 2020 and 2021 material to the

Canarian Health Service (SCS)

during the pandemic for an amount of 22.9 million euros, all of this articulating a framework to not pay the tax due and without justifying the activity, reports 'Canarias7'.

During the broadcast of the program, and when Pomares tries to link the

'Ábalos case'

with this other investigation, the presenter of the program,

Helena Sampedro

, asks him to "stick to the topic", but at the insistence of the talk show host, she cuts him off by saying the phrase of shame: "Direction orders."

The workers of

Televisión Canaria's Information Services

have issued a statement expressing their "total rejection of any type of censorship promoted on our network, as occurred in the Conecta Canarias program and which left one of them unable to express themselves." the members".

The statement states that "this case of censorship occurred in a program that does not belong to our Information Services, but to an

external production company [Etiazul]

whose program is contracted by the network."

In addition, they express that they have "repeatedly asked the management of the chain and in multiple forums for the need to supervise the content and direction of these external programs so that they comply with the legal principles that govern us."