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Germany ticket for 49 euros

Photo: Dwi Anoraganingrum / Panama Pictures / IMAGO

The Magdeburg Federal Police Inspectorate has initiated an investigation against a 15-year-old on suspicion of fraud.

Hundreds of Germany tickets with different names were found on the teenager's cell phone.

The damage is currently estimated at 16,000 euros, "although this amount of damage is not final," the police said.

On Wednesday, the police searched the accused's parents' apartment with 20 emergency services.

The 15-year-old was noticed in the past because of a Germany ticket that was not issued to him.

The young man is accused of fraud, commercial computer fraud and spying on data.

During the search, the police found cell phones and storage media, including a blank pistol, a baton and a one-hand knife.

According to the information, the evidence was confiscated and will now be viewed and evaluated.