China News Service, Taiyuan, February 28th: ​​Title: Gaoping, Shanxi: Real-life immersive interpretation of "circling fans" from tourists from all over the world

  Author Yang Jieying Wang Fang

  "It's so wonderful! I didn't expect that our Shangdang Bangzi could sing like this. I really felt the cultural charm of Shangdang Bangzi!" After watching the more than one-hour live performance of "Spring Scenes Again", Ms. Zhang told reporters, through During the performance, I truly felt the majestic momentum of Shangdang Bangzi.

Large-scale immersive interpretation show "Spring is Like It Again".

Photo by He Wenge

  The Busan Scenic Area in Sizhuang Town, Gaoping City, Shanxi Province is bustling with traffic, tourists, and colorful folk cultural activities, attracting tourists from all over the country.

The large-scale immersive interpretation show "Spring Again" is even more powerful and "encompassing fans".

  As the hometown of Emperor Shennong Yan, the place where the Battle of Changping took place, the Museum of Ancient Chinese Architecture, and the hometown of Shangdang Clappers, Gaoping has a long history and profound cultural heritage.

In Gaoping, almost every village has a stage and everyone can play the clapper.

Large-scale immersive interpretation show "Spring is Like It Again".

Photo by He Wenge

  "Shangdang Bangzi is a national intangible cultural heritage, and the drama troupe is also called the 'Pear Garden'. The most complete and largest number of old pear trees and old pear orchards in Gaoping are in our temple, in Busan. You see , the old pear trees behind me are all more than 300 years old." said Wang Binda, deputy general manager of Gaoping Agricultural Investment Group.

  Talking about the original intention of the creation, Wang Binda said, "We brainstormed and created a large-scale immersive performance show "Spring Again" to let more people know and understand Shangdang Bangzi."

  Once you have a good idea, how to implement it becomes crucial.

Based on early interviews with some veteran Shangdang Bangzi artists, the Gaoping Agricultural Investment Group decided to incorporate elements of the Eight Music Club into the program, hired professional directors from Beijing, and went all out to jointly create the show.

  "I remember that the scene was paved with floor tiles on one side and carved on the other side. The workers hung lights on it, and the actors were rehearsing over and over again. There were the sound of rehearsal music, the cutting sound of electric saws, and the sound of cranes. The roar of the film, and the sound of the walkie-talkie..." Recalling the creative process at that time, Qiao Hong, director and producer of "Spring Again", was filled with emotion.

  He told reporters that these can be overcome by working overtime, but how to make this drama not only reflect the essence of Shangdang Bangzi but also attract young people to watch is the biggest headache for everyone.

  “While we were lining up, I always felt that it was immature and unattractive. Until I added the dialogue inheritance between the grandfather and grandson, coupled with the improvement of the stage design, props, and the addition of rotating seats, the effect suddenly came out. Our confidence is also stronger," Wang Binda said.

Large-scale immersive interpretation show "Spring is Like It Again".

Photo by He Wenge

  By adding modern dance, rap and other elements to the drama, the drama "Spring Again" finally took shape.

The next step is to improve the supporting music production, stage design, etc., and at the same time complete the installation and commissioning of large equipment such as venue construction, lighting and sound projection.

  "Due to tight time and heavy tasks, the electric doors were too late to open. Behind each electric door, we arranged a staff member to push the door. At that time, there were 18 people pushing the door at the rehearsal." Qiao Hong told reporters that this film The show uses a lot of high technology. In addition to rotating seats and electric sliding doors, it also uses high-lumen projection, surround sound and a variety of advanced lighting technologies.

  Now, all the equipment has been perfected, including electric sliding doors, which can be started and integrated with one button, achieving the perfect cooperation between the sound and light painting and the actors, allowing the actors to perform in the screen, and the audience can move in all directions without moving. , multi-angle viewing effect.

  It is understood that while the Gaoping Agricultural Investment Group launched "Spring Again", it also carefully created immersive performances "Pear Blossom Fairy", "Spring Warmth in the Apricot Grove", "Beautiful Lu Silk Sky" and "Busan 1978" with the ancient streets of Busan Village as the background. ” and the Xushui Lake light show will be staged every holiday and weekend night.

Busan Scenic Area, Sizhuang Town, Gaoping City, Shanxi Province.

Photo by He Wenge

  In recent years, Busan Village has taken the construction of the Taihang No. 1 Tourist Highway Ring Road Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone as an opportunity to explore characteristic resources such as "green waters and green mountains, red industries, and ancient building groups", insisting on promoting the "road, landscape, and village industry" in an integrated manner, relying on the enterprise and the local area The joint construction activates the "three major effects", realizes the industrial transformation of "coal to tourism" and "black to green", and draws a picture of "smooth roads, beautiful scenery, beautiful villages, prosperous people, and prosperous industries" of Wenlin, agriculture, tourism and health industries. Develop a new picture.

  "The night view is beautiful and the performances are wonderful. I must bring my family here next time," said tourist Ms. Liu.

  "There are mountains, water and nostalgia here. I have experienced a different rural life and a different beautiful countryside." Tourist Mr. Wang said.


  With the in-depth development of the scenic spot, there is an endless stream of tourists. The villagers are eating "tourist food" at their doorstep, and their days are becoming more and more prosperous.

Talking about future plans, Wang Binda is full of confidence: "Recently, we have invited several professional directors from Beijing. We want to further improve on this basis and make this drama more appealing and make it become our Gaoping and Jincheng drama." It is an excellent live performance show that is even popular across the country.” (End)