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With its extended universe, “Dune” is establishing itself as a major work of science fiction.

Editions Delcourt have just released a comic book on the theme of Denis Villeneuve's film.

The comic faithfully repeats the plot of the film.

Postponed due to the writers' and actors' strike,

Dune: Part Two

arrives in theaters this Wednesday.

Released in 2021, the first part of


, the third adaptation of the eponymous novel by Frank Herbert published in 1965, was a great success.

This second part is highly anticipated and will be accompanied by the publication of a comic book, the official adaptation of the first part of the film. 


“We sold everything we had in stock before”: is the manga craze running out of steam in France?

Several film projects

In 1965, after the release of Frank Herbert's book, the work quickly gained the reputation of being unsuitable for cinema.

David Lynch did it well in 1984, but in the credits, he took a pseudonym as he was no longer responsible for directing this feature film at all.

In the 1970s, another project was abandoned.

This was an adaptation by Jodorowsky Storyboard Moebius.

Pink Floyd was responsible for making the music for the film and for the casting and we could find Mick Jagger, Salvador Dali and Amanda Lear.

Just that.

Frank Herbert's son signs a preface in this statutory comic strip where he recalls that Frank Herbert had the idea for Dune while doing a report on guys planting perennial plants at the top of the Oregon dunes to stabilize them.

His imagination will run wild.

It took him five years to write the first story and suffered 23 rejections from publishers.


continues to experience ups and downs, but still covered in sand.