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Child in front of a plate of pasta (symbolic image): "I'm sure there will be a bigger discussion."


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What can a child do?

And what is too much?

The question is asked not only by parents, but also by outsiders: Should I point out to the family at the next table that the children are really loud?

Or do I relax and just accept it?

The decision is not always easy - but a restaurant in Lebach, Saarland, has now decided on very, very clear communication: "Children stay at their table if possible" or "Please always go to the toilet accompanied by an adult," says one quite detailed posting that the restaurant “Rolling Wood” published on its Facebook page and which the Saarländischer Rundfunk reported on Tuesday.

The two rules are justified, among other things, by an alleged risk of injury and vandalism: In the past, toilets have been flooded "by entire rolls of toilet paper and the like being stuffed into them and by intentionally leaving taps open for several hours."

In addition, walking around disturbs other guests.

And those aren't the only tips the restaurant has for parents.

The restaurant asks that you ensure “that the noise level is tolerable” and that there are no toys next to the tables or in the passage.

Less than a year after renovation work was completed, “walls were smeared, toilets were damaged and upholstery was painted.”

Restaurant junior boss Christian Reinert told Saarländischer Rundfunk that the reactions to the posting so far have been mostly positive.

However, he thinks that this will not remain the case.

"I'm sure there will be a bigger discussion." Nevertheless, he insists on the rules of conduct.

»Our pasta dishes come out of the hot oven at 300 degrees and some of our colleagues are really heavily laden.

If the children run into the path, you are also afraid that there might be injuries," he continued to tell the station.