China News Service, Beijing, February 27 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) "Flying Life", which was released five years ago, left the audience with an open ending, and the life, death and ending of the male protagonist became a major suspense.

  In 2024, "Flying Life 2" will be released, taking over the previous work, the director is still Han Han, and it still tells the story of Zhang Chi.

As of now, it has a rating of over 7.5 on Douban and a box office of over 3 billion.

  From the above two aspects, "Flying Life 2" has surpassed its predecessor.

Some people joked that "Flying Life 2" broke the "curse" of movie sequels' declining reputation; others after watching the movie, they had more feelings besides "funny".

The story of Bayinbuluke Stadium

  If you haven't watched the previous game, it doesn't affect your understanding of the main plot of "Flying Life 2".

  Zhang Chi was once an excellent racing driver and achieved good results in Bayinbrook. However, because the lead seal was not found, this result was not recognized, which also caused him to endure pressure and doubts, and he sadly left the race with injuries.

  Image source: Official Weibo of the movie "Flying Life 2"

  Later, someone gave him a sponsorship, and he thought it would be profitable, so he took Sun Yuqiang and Ji Xing, as well as the talented driver Li Xiaohai, and Liu Xiande, a driving school student who always failed the second subject, to form a team and planned to participate in the last Bayin. Brook Rally.

  Because they didn't have enough money, they could only assemble three racing cars: one was used to participate in the collision test; one was driven by Li Xiaohai with the best equipment and accessories; and the remaining car was driven by Zhang Chi himself and had poor configuration.

  Initially, Zhang Chi had very low requirements for competition results.

Insufficient funds and mischief by rivals also gradually shattered Zhang Chi's rekindled racing dream, until he discovered the lead seal from back then, proving his innocence.

  After regaining his confidence, Zhang Chi once again drove on the Bayinbrook track. He opened his heart and went through the bad weather with his partner, solving various problems created by his opponents, rushing to the finish line, and helping his team win the team championship.

Both "mourning" and passionate?

  In the evaluation of "Flying Life 2", "hot blood" is a high-frequency word.

But the first half of the story is actually a bit "sad". Zhang Chi is a very three-dimensional character, and Shen Teng played his downfall and persistence.

  In order to make a living, Zhang Chi works as a coach at a driving school.

He learned how to calculate. When he heard that someone was willing to sponsor a team, he still agreed even though he knew that the budget of 4 million was not enough.

  When encountering problems, Zhang Chi will make excuses for himself.

Li Xiaohai was able to accurately grasp the critical braking time and easily complete the challenge.

He also decided to show off his skills, but he made a fool of himself and finally put the blame on the head of the brake pad.

  But Zhang Chi could never forget the accident in the game a few years ago. He has been living in the shadows and tried to train by himself. As a result, the car overturned while driving and he was stuck in the car and couldn't move. He cried bitterly.

When he saw someone coming, he held back his tears again and pretended to be relaxed.

  Image source: Official Weibo of the movie "Flying Life 2"

  However, Zhang Chi's love for racing has never faded. He has been away from the racing field for several years and is still familiar with the rules of the game.

After several twists and turns, he and his companions re-formulated their competition plan and prepared to fight again.

  Near the end, Zhang Chi drove the scarred car on the Bayinbrook track, as if he saw the car five years ago and his young self again, instantly becoming one with it, and finally surpassed the results of that year.

  This scene was evaluated by the audience as "transcending oneself", and Zhang Chi finally achieved reconciliation with himself.

Helplessness in the adult world

  Regarding the story of "Flying Life 2", Zhang Chi's changes in mentality have been discussed more.

Some people say that after watching "Flying Life 2", they saw the helplessness of the adult world.

  For example, after feeling the cruelty of life, Zhang Chi chose to compromise and pretended to turn a blind eye to the negative comments from the outside world. Face and reputation did not matter, and he became very confused about life. The reason is very good: doing one thing is mostly for survival. .

  When forming a team, Zhang Chi had to rack his brains to collect money, but Manager Ye only needed to chat with the person in charge, and he was able to be grouped with Zhang Chi in the collision test. Even if he was found to have tampered with the test vehicle, it was only It is just a loophole in the rules to be filled and will not affect the competition.

  With all these things, it’s hard not to think of the words that are almost a cry: “I respect the rules, but they have to be fair!”

  Image source: Official Weibo of the movie "Flying Life 2"

  While talking about racing, the movie also shows the problems that people may encounter in reality: falling from the top to the bottom, the psychological gap is huge; working hard enough, but still failing; some people follow the rules, but some people can learn from "not following the rules" Profit.

  Faced with all kinds of troubles, Zhang Chi chose to persevere and face it bravely, and moved forward without hesitation.

Rather than dwell on it, accept it calmly.

One of the ways to defeat yourself is to be pure and persistent.

Beyond the "comedy" label

  The movie carries the label of "comedy", but judging from the lines posted by netizens, what many viewers feel from "Flying Life 2" may be more than just "funny".

  For example, mention "opportunity."

"I have worked hard countless times, but opportunities will only appear once or twice." There is also reluctance and relief.

"But isn't that all over with you?" "It's not in the past, I just accepted it."

  Another example: "I can give up my grades, but I can't give up my innocence." Many times, people are obsessed with one thing, not just to gain recognition from the outside world, but to give themselves an explanation.

  In addition, one of the more controversial points in the film is whether it makes sense logically for Zhang Chi to complete the race.

After all, although he was once an excellent racing driver, now he is in poor health, his racing condition is poor, and he encounters interference from his opponents midway. In reality, it may be difficult to complete the race.

  There are also opinions that it is better to regard this content as a dream created by the movie for the audience: after years of hard work, they can still have the enthusiasm to do their best for a valuable dream and be full of hope.

Perhaps this is what touches people's hearts.