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In light of the frequency of media reports about the imminent arrival of a truce agreement in the Gaza Strip, everyone and the Palestinians in Gaza are waiting for these reports to be believed, for the Israeli aggression against them to stop, and for the barriers to the entry of aid to be lifted.

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In the context of these reports, US President Joe Biden expressed his optimism about reaching a truce soon, as he stated that his National Security Advisor informed him that they were close to reaching a ceasefire.

“What I hope is to reach it by Monday,” Biden said.

Biden also confirmed - in an interview with the American network "NBC" - that Israel agreed to stop its military actions in the Gaza Strip during the next month of Ramadan, stressing that "this temporary cessation may help in achieving a two-state solution in the future."

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Sources revealed to Al Jazeera the terms of the initial framework of the Paris talks proposal regarding a truce in Gaza, the most prominent of which are: a complete cessation of military operations in all areas of the Strip for a period of 40 days, the release of 400 Palestinian prisoners, in exchange for the release of 40 Israeli detainees, including women, minors and the elderly, and an increase in... Bringing aid into the Strip, at a rate of 500 trucks per day, and repairing hospitals and bakeries.

The terms also include stopping aerial reconnaissance for 8 hours a day, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from areas crowded with civilians, and the gradual return of the displaced to the northern Gaza Strip, with the exception of those of military service age.

In turn, activists on social media platforms reacted to these leaks, and comments ranged between optimism and skepticism about the occupation’s intent.

Some of them were monitored on an episode (2/27/2024) of the “Shabakat” program.

Talal wrote, “If there is a temporary truce, this will be a disaster for the Palestinian people because the Zionists will recover and start again. There must be a permanent ceasefire.”

Ali said in his tweet, "Any future truce is the beginning of victory. This indicates the complete inability of the Zionists and Americans to achieve any of the goals of the war."

It seems to Jamal that all parties need to stop fighting, and “Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel), despite his stubbornness, needs it, believing that the threat of an operation in Rafah is not realistic in light of frequent reports of equipment shortages and troop consumption.”

As for Rose, she says that she chokes every time she hears about the truce. “Did we see the truce and what we ate after it? We don’t want a truce, world. We want a complete ceasefire.”

As for Hussein, “There is no truce yet and it is all a waste of time. Israel still rejects the two most important demands of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which are the withdrawal of the army from Gaza and a cessation of the war, and all the news about the positive atmosphere is from one party (Israel) to pressure Hamas to hold it responsible for the failure.” Deal".