Hamas is studying a truce project discussed last weekend in Paris, including a 40-day pause in all military operations in the Gaza Strip as well as an exchange of Palestinian prisoners for Israeli hostages, revealed, Tuesday February 27 to Reuters, a source close to the discussions.

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Here are the details of the proposal:

  • A first stage provides for a truce of at least 40 days.

  • Both sides completely cease military operations.

  • Aerial reconnaissance operations over Gaza will cease for eight hours a day.

  • All Israeli hostages, including women, children under 19, people over 50 and the sick, must be released in exchange for a certain number of Palestinian prisoners.

  • In exchange for the 40 hostages listed in the humanitarian category, approximately 400 Palestinian prisoners will be released, based on the ratio of 10 prisoners to one hostage.

  • Gradual return of all displaced civilians – with the exception of men of military age – to the northern Gaza Strip.

  • After the start of the first phase, Israel will reposition its forces away from densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip.

  • Commitment to transport 500 trucks of humanitarian aid per day to Gaza.

  • Commitment to provide 200,000 tents and 60,000 caravans to the population of Gaza.

  • Enable the rehabilitation of hospitals and bakeries in Gaza, including by immediately allowing the entry of necessary equipment and providing shipments of fuel for these purposes, in quantities to be agreed.

  • Israel accepts the entry of heavy machinery and equipment to clear rubble and participate in other humanitarian actions, with the necessary fuel deliveries, in quantities to be agreed which will increase over time.

    Hamas undertakes not to use these machines and equipment to threaten Israel.

  • The arrangements agreed during the first phase will not apply to the second phase, which will be the subject of separate subsequent negotiations.

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