The world's first live-action space film "The Challenge" is expected to land on the mainland's big screen.

The film was directed by Russian director Klim Shipenko. Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the film at the award ceremony for the "Hero of Labor" medal and the National Medal in the fields of science and technology, literature and art, saying that this film was shot in space. The film was "a breakthrough for the global film industry."

  Train like a real astronaut for 6 months

  At 11:55 on October 5, 2021, Moscow time, the Russian "Soyuz-2.1a" carrier rocket ignited and lifted off from the Baikonur Space Launch Site in Kazakhstan. It will carry an astronaut and two film workers. A spacecraft sent to the International Space Station.

These two filmmakers are director Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild.

This is the first time in film history that professional actors have filmed in space.

  Director Klim Shipenko has directed "Space Rescue", and actress Yulia Peresild was selected from more than 3,000 candidates - including professional pilots and scientists. , Yulia Peresild won in the end.

The two underwent six months of training like real astronauts. Special flight training projects included centrifuge training, flight tests under zero-gravity conditions and parachute training.

  Doctors challenge the limits of life in the universe

  In the movie "The Challenge", the audience will follow the brave doctor played by the heroine Yulia Peresild in a life and death race in the vast space.

The heroine in the play is the first female doctor to board a spacecraft into space; off-screen Yulia Peresild becomes the first actress to go into space.

In the movie trailer, the doctor played by Yulia Peresild not only breaks stereotypes in the world, but also challenges the limits of life in the universe.

She shoulders the important task of rescuing critically ill astronauts. This is not only an extreme mission that tests medical wisdom and courage, but also an unknown adventure for all mankind to explore the boundaries of space.

In the poster released simultaneously, the audience can follow the heroine's perspective and look at the blue earth home from space.

  It is worth mentioning that the astronauts who played the roles in the film were real Russian astronauts. The Russian astronaut Oleg Nowitsky, who was stationed on the International Space Station at the time, kindly played the role of the astronaut who was operated on, and there were two other astronauts. Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut also make cameos.

  Stills are more shocking than space documentaries

  Krim Shipenko and Yulia Peresild stayed on the space station for 12 days and shot more than 30 hours of film and television material.

When returning to Earth, Yulia Peresild also told the Russian media that she felt "sad" about leaving the International Space Station. "Twelve days seems like a long time. But when it's all over, I don't want to leave. This is the first time." The experience of sex. Of course I wanted to go home and see the kids, but there was this sense that it was a brief love date with this incredible space because it was impossible to film. Of course, we filmed there There's something there, but it's still hard to describe the atmosphere when you look out the window and see the Earth... Maybe our movie will be successful, and we really want to do that."

  Among the high-definition stills and work photos recently released by "Challenge", there are photos taken by the director himself in space, which are more shocking than real space documentaries.

The photos vividly capture the extraordinary moments of the director and crew members in the universe. These precious shots make the audience feel like they are immersed in the vast stars, following the crew on a silent space walk, experiencing an unprecedented immersive perspective and witnessing the universe. Mysterious and profound.

  Text/Reporter Xiao Yang Coordinator/Liu Jianghua