Israeli soldiers working next to UNRWA headquarters (Reuters)

The picture is now clear, and the Palestinian entities are burying their heads in the sand of wishing that what is happening is “severe and will go away.” They have not yet realized that the entity state is moving at feverish pace to achieve a significant strategic “victory,” which it has sought for decades.

While the entity was searching for an “image” of victory, even if faint, in the frenzied war of annihilation against Gaza, and while it was trying to accumulate a handful of tactical victories and present them in the media in the absence and difficulty of eliminating any Palestinian sense of resistance, at the same time it was seeking, with corresponding effort, to achieve a distant victory. The extent, and it has existential and catastrophic effects if achieved.

The forced displacement of Palestinians is the entity's main obsession, and the forced resettlement of Palestine refugees is the desired strategic goal.

The entity will not get out of Gaza with what it wanted, and it is now employing exceptional efforts.

In order to circumvent his military failure, he intensified work on post-war outcomes.

The entity began taking successive and gradual steps towards the goal of denying the right of return, if it is currently impossible to completely eliminate it.

The key is in his hands, which is the international relief agency UNRWA.

They succeeded in demonizing it and succeeded - albeit partially - in diverting the attention of some from the war of extermination, and they occupied the media and politicians of the Bedouins and strangers with what nine UNRWA employees did or did not do on October 7, despite the absence of conclusive evidence (and even the CIA has now Doubt the veracity of these accusations.)

They accused the agency of violating neutrality, and of methods that promote hatred and malice. They succeeded in suspending donations allocated to the agency and adopted clear steps aimed at two purposes: expelling UNRWA from Jerusalem, and ensuring that there is “no role” or presence for UNRWA in the aftermath of the war of extermination on Gaza, as Netanyahu and his chorus stated.

In addition to the above, they followed it with steps pointing in the same direction, including: continuous efforts to expel the agency from its main headquarters in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, which it has been there for 75 years, and preventing the entry of hundreds of Palestinian UNRWA workers from accessing schools, clinics, the presidential headquarters, and the Shuafat camp in Jerusalem since October. / Last October.

What is most dangerous to the right of return and UNRWA are the tasks, role and objectives of the “Independent Working Group”, which I fear will seek to harm the agency, its mandate, its symbolism, its role and its presence within Palestine.

They followed this up by not renewing or regulating monthly visas for UNRWA’s international workers in Jerusalem and Gaza, accompanied by working to cancel the tax and customs exemption privileges granted to UNRWA, suspending the shipment of UNRWA goods to Palestine, and freezing UNRWA’s bank account in an Israeli bank.

It continues to work on a draft law to withdraw the privileges and immunities of UNRWA stipulated in the Kumai-McLemore Agreement signed in 1967, and continues to work on a draft law (based on the Basic Law that stipulates that Jerusalem is the united capital of the entity) that prohibits UNRWA activities and its presence in “Israeli territory.”

Recently, the Israel Lands Authority demanded that UNRWA evacuate the Qalandia Institute for Vocational and Technical Training, which is opposite the Qalandia camp, and demanded that the agency pay $4.5 million in rent and facilities use allowance!

Yesterday, the entity's Prime Minister presented his plan/vision for post-war Gaza: No state for the Palestinians.

There is no Palestinian authority in Gaza except for village associations and mukhtars, and there is no UNRWA.

Is the picture clear then?

What is most dangerous to the right of return and UNRWA are the tasks, role, and objectives of the “Independent Working Group,” which I fear (based on evidence from committees that previously investigated and evaluated UNRWA’s work, and were assigned similar tasks before) that they will seek to harm the agency, its mandate, its symbolism, its role, and its presence inside Palestine, in Jordan, and in Syria. And Lebanon, with a suspicious strategic approach targeting the right of return by subjugating UNRWA inside Palestine, restructuring it and assigning it resettlement tasks in its areas of operations outside Palestine.

This is the goal.

This is the victory they seek.

That the “independent” team is headed by a former French Foreign Minister has strong political connotations, and that three Western research centers are mobilizing - three centers!

To help it consider “UNRWA’s commitment to neutrality” or not, it meets with the Secretary-General and representatives of countries and the entity and is active in “deploying its researchers in the Middle East”!

It is similar to the suspicious role of the Norwegian FAFO after the Oslo signing.

I am almost certain that the goals of this team are far from the alleged professionalism and stated goal.

The goal - and in return - is to end UNRWA in Palestine, transform it into a development and resettlement institution in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, and flood it with Arab funds that it needs, and does not need, to achieve this desired goal.

It seems to me that we, as Palestinians outside Gaza, have become like “zombies”, numb and deprived of our will, shocked to see what is happening, and our literature does not help us that the right of return is sacred, and our political forces’ statements do not help us that it is a red line that has become permissible, nor do our prayers, our prayers, nor our expressions of condemnation, concern, and denunciation help us with anything.

We see what is happening, we realize the dimensions of what is happening, and we realize that the other party is close to harming our three pillars: Jerusalem, return, and self-determination.

The expulsion of the agency from Jerusalem is a painful blow to the first pillar, preceded and followed by the control of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Expelling the agency from Gaza and ending its presence there, and then transforming it into a development and relief institution that resettles Palestine refugees in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, displacing whoever it can from the West Bank to Jordan, “settling” those who remain in the West Bank, and turning our camps in the West Bank into cities and residential communities, is undermining the second pillar. Palestinians, then without Jerusalem, and without return, there is no place for the third pillar, which is self-determination.

All we hear as Palestinians is deafening silence!

Neither official bodies, nor departments, nor popular or popular bodies, nor unions, nor even the UNRWA Workers Union, nor diplomatic efforts, nor research institutions, nor civil society institutions have sounded the alarm bell and the alarm bell, and have not yet dealt with what is crystallizing and being implemented on the ground.

Urgent steps (and there are other steps): The PLO’s Refugee Affairs Department is required to take the lead, and to:

Closely follows the work of the Independent Working Group;

Because his mandate and goals are troubling.

A diplomatic and media campaign is launched aimed at protecting and defending UNRWA, the focus of which is to ensure that its mandate and mandate are not changed.

Follow up on internal investigation procedures against employees, and the need to return employees against whom charges have not been proven.

It is working to sue the entity and its army for the killing of 158 Palestinian UN employees, demanding compensation and prosecuting their killers.

The entity is following up on the issue of financially compensating UNRWA for the destruction that befell dozens of facilities and punishing its perpetrators.

An official position paper is issued stating the leadership’s official position on the attack on UNRWA and the right of return.

Holding meetings with academic institutions, civil society organizations, and public events, and activating the role of popular committees, federations, trade unions, and the refugee masses;

To defend the right of return and UNRWA.

It ensures that the Palestinian curriculum in force in the Agency’s schools in Palestine is not undermined under the scarecrow of “neutrality,” and defends the right of UNRWA workers to express their national affiliations and that this is not considered a violation of neutrality.

A specialized Palestinian media and human rights team will be formed to refute the allegations announced against the agency, with the aim of preparing a comprehensive file for the United Nations, clarifying the Israeli violations against UNRWA and the United Nations institutions operating in occupied Palestine, and demanding the formation of an international team for investigation and accountability.

There are steps proposed by many parties that point in the same direction.

The urgent question that determines the answer: When will we move with overwhelming force equal to the existential danger facing us?!

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