In the case of the death of a 25-year-old member of the Takarazuka Revue, a lawyer for the bereaved family held a press conference, stating that the bereaved family claimed that there had been 15 cases of power harassment from upperclassmen and others. clarified that it was found to be applicable.

However, there are still gaps in each side's claims, and the two parties will continue to negotiate toward an agreement.

In September of last year, a 25-year-old member of Takarazuka Revue's Cosmos Troupe died in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture.The Revue was under heavy psychological stress from long hours of activities last year. While stating that the possibility cannot be ruled out, the company released the contents of the investigation report, which states that bullying and power harassment could not be confirmed.

In response, the bereaved families have once again asked for an apology and compensation to be made after acknowledging the overwork and power harassment, stating that ``it is impossible to reach an agreed-upon resolution with power harassment still being denied.'' We have met four times and are continuing negotiations.

On the 27th, a lawyer representing the bereaved family held a press conference in Tokyo and explained the current status of negotiations.

According to the report, while the bereaved families claim that there were 15 incidents of power harassment by executives and upperclassmen of the company, the opera company stated in a letter dated January 24th that many of these cases were acts of power harassment. This means that the company admitted that it caused a huge psychological burden on the members of the theater company.

However, the Opera Company has not made it clear at this point which specific acts they consider to be power harassment.

Additionally, there are still disagreements with the opera company regarding how to make the announcement publicly if an agreement is reached, and the bereaved family plans to hold a fifth meeting in the first half of March.

The story so far

A 25-year-old member of Takarazuka Revue's Cosmos Troupe was found dead in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture in September last year, seven years after joining the company.

The family's lawyer held a press conference and demanded an apology and compensation from the theater company, citing his long hours at work and harassment from upperclassmen as the cause.

The Takarazuka Revue has set up an investigation team led by outside lawyers, and will proceed with the investigation by interviewing members of the Cosmos Troupe.

At a press conference last November, they announced the contents of the investigation report, which stated that while no bullying or power harassment was confirmed, the possibility of strong psychological stress due to long hours of activity cannot be denied. did.

At the press conference, then-Chairman Kiba said, ``We should have done more to manage things like health.I deeply regret that we did not fully fulfill our duty of care for safety.''He announced his resignation as Chairman on December 1 of last year. I resigned.

In response, the bereaved family submitted a written opinion to the opera company pointing out the problems in the investigation report, stating that ``it is impossible for an agreement to be resolved if power harassment remains denied.''

At a press conference last December, a lawyer for the bereaved family released a photo of what they said was a burn mark caused by a troupe member's forehead being pressed with a hair iron, as well as LINE exchanges with the family, and stated that the act amounted to power harassment. In total, the number of incidents reached 15, and the company once again asked the opera company to acknowledge these acts and provide an apology and compensation.

Under these circumstances, the lawyer for the bereaved family and the representative for the opera company have met four times so far, and have proceeded with discussions toward an agreed resolution.

During the meeting, the opera company stated that they would re-examine the facts based on the contents of the written opinion, and said, ``We sincerely accept the feelings and ideas of the bereaved family and will discuss them in good faith.'' I look forward to working with you.''

Additionally, on February 1st, the bereaved family announced that the opera company had changed its previous position and stated, ``It has been stated with considerable consideration to the bereaved family's opinion.''

On the other hand, the bereaved family stated, ``Even at this point, there are quite a few points in which the views of the opera company and the bereaved family do not agree,'' and stated that they intend to continue negotiations.

“Work on reviewing schedules and improving organizational culture”

In response to this incident, the Takarazuka Revue Company will review its overcrowded performance schedule and work to improve its organizational culture in order to reduce the burden on troupe members.

Among these, we have been reviewing the performance schedule since January,

and in addition to reducing the number of performances per week from 10 to 9,

the ``newcomer performances'' until March of this year will be The event at Takarazuka Grand Theater has been canceled and is now only held at Tokyo Takarazuka Theater.

In addition, the ``Takarazuka Revue 110th Anniversary Ceremony'' was scheduled for April this year

at Takarazuka Grand Theater, the

``Takarazuka Special 2024'' was scheduled for June

, and the ``Takarazuka Special 2024''

was scheduled for October at Osaka Castle Hall.

The ``Takarazuka Revue 110th Anniversary Sports Day'' has also been canceled.

Additionally, companies such as Hankyu Corporation, which operates opera companies, are considering establishing a committee comprised of outside experts to improve their organizational culture.

The plan is to examine the strict hierarchy of the opera troupe and its own rules, and to review those that do not suit the times.

In addition, the opera company has established a new external consultation desk for members of the company, and is working with Hankyu Corporation and other companies to consider establishing a check system that includes human resources and labor issues.

Labor Standards Inspection Office conducts on-site investigation

Additionally, regarding this issue, the Nishinomiya Labor Standards Inspection Office has been conducting on-site investigations of the opera company based on the Labor Standards Act since November last year.

According to the Opera Company, the person in charge was interviewed and submitted related materials.

The Labor Standards Inspection Office appears to be conducting a detailed investigation into the activities of the troupe members and confirming whether there have been any violations of laws or regulations.