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, the foul-mouthed teddy bear created by

Seth McFarlane

, made almost $700 million from his two films.

Released in 2012 and 2015 and with

Mark Wahlberg

as the human protagonist,



Ted 2

were two box office phenomena.

Ten years later, the doll returns in the form of a television series.

And no, it's not better.

In fact it's even worse.


and its sequel were crushed by critics, but what does it matter when the public flocks to the cinemas to laugh at the rudeness of a toy.

And not only in the United States, where we can understand the pull of




, but throughout the world.

More than half of the two films' gross was made in theaters outside the United States.

Unlike other low-level humorous phenomena, the gañán bear worked internationally.

Live to see, see to believe


It is thus understood that many North American economic media consider that


, the series, is one of the great assets that

Peacock , the



that broadcasts it in the US, has.

In Spain, the home of the piggy bear is


, which brings together content from




, among other well-known entertainment brands.

The business moves of these companies are a much more interesting topic of conversation than



It is as if within this text that you are reading right now there was another, much more interesting one, wanting to come out, develop and shine.

But here we have come to talk about the digital teddy bear who lives with the


, a family from a town in Massachusetts in 1993. His best friend is the teenager of that family, and with him he lives incredible adventures between joints, farts and jokes. tits and asses.

The typical series that in 2024 should not exist.

Of course, in 2012 and 2015, who asked for the two films that precede it.

And both were very successful.

So why not recover its elegant essence and make money again.

That in the general meetings of shareholders of some of the most important companies in

show business people

can be talking about


makes me laugh and sad.

This is what we have come to.

Next to





I, Claudio


Let it be noted that I also have a lot of affection for Melmac's cat-eating alien, but his series was abject, as things are.

What I have for


is a tremendous obsession that I think has been made quite clear in these lines.

From here I contribute to the critical ridicule of him.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Maybe that's what Seth MacFarlane




when they asked him for an infallible series.

In the US

, Ted

is the most viewed thing on the platform.

I'm happy for them because I'm a good person and I want people to keep their jobs.

A television success is always better than a failure.

Even if it stars an unbearable, vulgar, outdated and repetitive doll.

If that's what the world wants, I'll go to Melmac.