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Friedo de Vries, President of the LKA Lower Saxony

»Ladies and gentlemen, investigators from the LKA Lower Saxony arrested the wanted suspected RAF terrorist Daniela Klette in Berlin yesterday, Monday, February 26th, 2024.

We are sure that the person arrested is Daniela Klette, who has been living underground for 30 years.

This ends this almost nine-year manhunt.

We received the decisive information from the population.

We received the notice in November 2023. Please understand that I cannot go into further detail here.

We have also agreed on confidentiality in this regard.

But it turned out that the clue turned into a real lead.

Together with the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Berlin police, we have implemented various police measures since November, which ultimately led us to believe that the woman targeted by the tip was actually one of the three accused of various acts of robbery and attempted murder wanted suspected former RAF members."

Daniela Klette belonged to the so-called “third generation” of the Red Army faction.

Together with Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg, Klette had been in hiding for more than 30 years.

In 1998 the RAF declared itself disbanded.

Since then, the police have been searching for the three “RAF pensioners”.

In recent years, the group has repeatedly committed robberies on money transporters and supermarkets, probably to finance their underground life.

Friedo de Vries, President of the LKA Lower Saxony

"She has since been flown to Bremen in a helicopter accompanied by the SEK Lower Saxony and finally taken to the Verden district court under guard, where she was brought before a judge who ordered pre-trial detention."

Klette was arrested on Monday evening in an apartment building in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The police and forensic investigators searched the apartment on Tuesday.

According to investigators, two magazines and ammunition were found there, but no weapon.

There was another surprise at the end of the press conference on Tuesday.

Friedo de Vries, President of the LKA Lower Saxony

»And a few hours ago a second person was arrested, whose identity we are still checking.

We cannot say at this point who it is.

Here, too, the point is that we have an identification document, but that we are not sure whether it is real or whether the information is correct, and so we still need patience until we can verify and identify who exactly the police are arrested there in Berlin.

She is male and she is also in the age range we are looking for.

And through further investigations we got a clue about this person.”