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Singer Isaak at the German preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest

Photo: Christoph Soeder/dpa

"No one gives a shit about what's soon to come": Nobody cares about what's coming soon - that was one line in the song "Always On The Run", with the singer Isaak for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) will compete.

Now Isaac has to think of a different way to phrase the same message.

According to the ESC regulations, swear words like “shit” are forbidden.

“Texts, speeches and gestures of a political nature are prohibited during the contest,” the rules state.

"This also applies to texts or a stage show that could generally discredit the competition or advertise companies, products and services."

For Isaak, whose full name is Isaak Guderian, this doesn't seem to be a major hurdle.

"Somehow you get a 'shhh' or something like that," he told the Schlager.de portal.

»We thought about it, we also censored it.

We’ll manage that, no problem.”

Isaak clearly won the German preliminary round in Berlin on February 17th with his song “Always On The Run”.

The 28-year-old from Espelkamp in East Westphalia won both the jury vote and the audience vote.

Max Mutzke, who represented Germany at the ESC final 20 years ago, came in second.

The ESC final will take place on May 11th in Malmö.

As one of the competition's major donors, Germany is directly qualified - the majority of the 37 artists starting this year must first qualify in two semi-finals.