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Season 4 of “LOL: Who laughs, get out!”

barely finished, Prime Video production has already announced the preparation of a new edition.

It should be followed by a spin-off which would no longer be shot in the usual studio, but in a more classic setting: “In real life”. 

Every season is a success.

For its fourth edition, the show “LOL: Who laughs, comes out!”

broadcast on Prime Video once again succeeded and viewers followed the adventures of Marina Foïs, Audrey Lamy and Jérôme Commandeur and others with enthusiasm.

Building on this new success, the platform intends to continue its project and recently announced the launch of a fifth season as well as a spin-off in a special format. 


LOL: Who laughs, get out!

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In real life

In an interview with our colleagues from Le Figaro, Thomas Dubois, the director of original productions for Prime Video in France, revealed the new idea of ​​the production.

“We are extremely happy to see that the franchise continues to be among the best performers of all launches. We are working to expand the franchise and with the idea of ​​always renewing ourselves and offering different things, we are going to do a new spin-off called “LOL: IRL” (editor’s note, in real life)”.

“This time, the game will be relocated, it will no longer be on set, but in real-life locations. We are testing something else.”

More concretely, the action can take place both in the street and in a public place such as a museum or a store.

Participants will therefore be able to interact with simple anonymous people who are not part of the cast.

“It can be in lots of different places,” explains Thomas Dubois.

“We are in the process of defining the places in which it will take place. The personalities will play in a setting where they will no longer be alone.” 

Season 5 already in preparation

Aside from this announcement, the outlines of the next season have also been announced.

“We started casting before the launch of season 4, it is being formed naturally,” revealed the director, while assuring that “the first selection criterion is the desire to to have fun because not laughing is a difficult exercise. And the second is to be able to build a casting that is coherent, because there is a group effect, so we don't cast individuals."

Even if this has not yet been officially confirmed, Philippe Lacheau should once again remain in charge and the various shoots are expected between June and September 2024.