China News Service, Shiyan, February 27 (Cheng Ping, Du Dengyan, Yuan Xiaowen) Staff at the Hongping Management Station of Hubei Duheyuan National Nature Reserve (Zhushan) recently discovered a light green babbler while sorting out infrared camera image data in 2023. , a new record species of bird in the reserve.

  This light green babbler is 11-13 cm long, with a gray head and neck, white eye circles, olive green back and grayish yellow belly.

The light green babbler appeared in Duheyuan, Hubei Province for the first time.

Photo courtesy of Shiyan Forestry Bureau

  The light green babbler is a nationally protected animal. It mainly inhabits mountain coniferous forests and coniferous broad-leaved mixed forests at an altitude of 1,500-3,000 meters. In autumn and winter, it also descends to mid-low mountain forests and forests at an altitude of about 1,000 meters. In areas with sparse forests and shrubs, they often move alone or in pairs, sometimes together with other birds. They mostly move in the canopy of dense forests. They are quiet in nature, cautious in behavior, and slow in movement.

It mainly feeds on insects such as weevils, beetles, stink bugs, and cicadas. It also eats plant foods such as berries and seeds.

  According to the staff of the scientific research institute of the reserve, 223 species of birds in 16 orders and 50 families were found in this resource survey, including 6 species including golden eagles, vultures, and Chinese mergansers at the national level, and crested eagles at the national level , Spot-backed Babbler, Brown-bellied Fairy Flycatcher, Spoon Chicken, etc. 34 species.

  In recent years, more than 400 infrared cameras have been installed in the reserve, and image data of 131 species of animals have been obtained to further understand the species, quantity, activity patterns and distribution of wild animals in the area.

In the next step, the reserve will continue to strengthen ecological environment protection and wildlife protection, and create more wildlife habitats.