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Developments in the ongoing confrontation between the Israeli occupation and Lebanese Hezbollah are accelerating, and events are escalating amid growing fears that the situation could explode and turn into an open war.

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Recently, Israeli attacks deepened inside Lebanon, going beyond the rules of engagement known between the two parties. This was not the first time, but this time they extended to the city of Baalbek, in a bombing that was the first of its kind since the July 2006 war.

One of the raids targeted a building for a civilian institution affiliated with Hezbollah, while a second raid targeted a warehouse, near the city of Baalbek, which represents special importance for the party as it is one of its most important strongholds in the east. It is located near the Lebanese border with Syria, and is about 100 kilometers from the Lebanese border with Syria. Israel.

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The Israeli raid took place 18 kilometers from Baalbek, and resulted in the destruction of at least one building and the killing of two Hezbollah members.

The Israeli occupation army said that its raids came in response to the firing of surface-to-air missiles at a drone and downing it, and that it targeted complexes used by Hezbollah's air defense unit in the Bekaa in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah announced, in a statement, that it had targeted an Israeli “Hormuz 450” drone with a surface-to-air missile over the Iqlim al-Tuffah area in southern Lebanon. Activists and Lebanese media circulated on social media what they said was a video clip showing the fall of the Israeli drone over southern Lebanon. .

Mixed opinions

This matter raised fears that the confrontation would turn into an open war, which sparked interaction across communication platforms, some of which was monitored by the Shabakat program (2/27/2024), including what Ali Jaafar wrote: “Do not let the raids forget that the resistance landed a plane worth two million dollars from The most powerful aircraft, and the enemy boasts of its military and intelligence superiority.”

While Gholam Hosni tweeted, “Is Lebanon lacking in misfortunes and problems? The economic and political crisis it is experiencing is enough... This party wants to involve Lebanon in a major game and strategy being hatched for the region... In the end, innocent people are the fuel of wars.”

Muhammad Al-Kabariti believes that Hezbollah "is gradually entering into a military confrontation with the bastard entity, and wants it to be a long-term war of attrition, and it is not in a rush. This is what terrifies them and terrifies America and the West."

Meanwhile, Yar believes, “The rules of engagement fell a long time ago, specifically after the bombing of the southern suburb and the assassination of Al-Arouri... It seems that Israel wants to expand the conflict, because it did not achieve any of the goals of its war in Gaza and is fabricating any excuse to intervene in Lebanon.”

Hezbollah responded to the targeting of its positions near Baalbek by bombing the headquarters of the Golan Division of the Israeli army in Nafah with 60 Katyusha rockets, while Israel is still threatening to expand the scope of the war, and does not link reaching a truce in Gaza to what it plans in the north.