A person in Okayama Prefecture who was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and was allowed to change his gender from female to male without undergoing surgery to eliminate fertility this month expressed his joy after receiving a certified copy of his new family register on the 27th. Ta.

On the 27th, Takahito Usui (50) from Shinjo Village, Okayama Prefecture visited Okayama City Hall with his attorney and received a certified copy of his family register in which the relationship to his parents had been changed from "eldest daughter" to "eldest son." I did.

Ms. Usui was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and applied to the court eight years ago to change her gender on her family register from ``female'' to ``male.'' She was rejected because she had not undergone surgery to eliminate reproductive function.

But last October, the Supreme Court ruled on another person's petition that the law's requirements were unconstitutional and invalid.

In response to this, Ms. Usui filed a new petition, and on the 7th of this month, her gender change was approved by the Tsuyama Branch of the Okayama Family Court.

Ms. Usui, who received a certified copy of her family register, said, ``Even after my petition was approved, I didn't really feel it, but I feel relieved that it has finally been officially recognized.I'm happy that I can prove my gender change with an official document.'' I was talking.