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Holiday camp in Heidesee at Frauensee

Photo: Michael Bahlo / dpa

Were there racist insults and threats against a Berlin school class at a holiday resort in Heidesee, Brandenburg in May 2023?

The public prosecutor's office in Cottbus has now closed the proceedings.

The responsible public prosecutor Nilab Hewadmal told the “Märkische Allgemeine” that “sufficient suspicion” could not be proven, and the allegations against two main suspects could not be substantiated.

No one could be identified who definitely committed the alleged acts.

The investigation was “very complicated,” said a police spokeswoman a few months ago.

The reports during the interrogations were often based on hearsay.

There are only a few actual witnesses to what happened.

However, the alleged accusations are still in the air.

Tenth grade students from Berlin wanted to hold a math camp in May 2023 at a holiday resort on Frauensee.

During the night, the young people, mostly with a migrant background, were said to have been racially insulted and threatened by other guests.

The teacher alerted the police and decided to take the class back to Berlin that night.

The state security agency took over investigations into insults, incitement to hatred and threats.

Politicians, including Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, expressed outrage and called for clarification.

“These are the children of the perpetrators from the baseball bat years,” victim counselor Anne Brügmann told SPIEGEL at the time.

Even the courts in the region are not taking the problem seriously.