In the case where the body of a man at a second-hand goods store was found in a room with a barred door in an apartment building in Nagoya, police say that the former employee, who was charged with abandoning the body, killed the man and disposed of 74 million yen worth of precious metals. He was arrested again on suspicion of robbery and murder.

Investigators believe that the money was converted into precious metals and used to pay the host club's accounts receivable.

In response to the investigation, he has denied the charges.

The suspect who was re-arrested was Asuka Uchida (30), of no fixed address and unemployed.

According to a police investigation, in September of last year, he strangled Koichi Abe (42), an antiques dealer who lived in the apartment, in an apartment in Shinei, Naka-ku, Nagoya, and about 1,300 items, including precious metals, were found in Abe's room and shop. He is suspected of robbery and murder after stealing a total of approximately 74 million yen and approximately 800,000 yen in cash.

The body was found in a closet in Abe's room last November, with the door covered with adhesive tape. Uchida, a former employee of the store, was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body and later charged. I did.

According to the police, it appears that out of the 74 million yen that they converted into cash from the stolen precious metals, approximately 50 million yen was used to pay off accounts receivable from the host club.

In this case, Naoki Koyama (23), a former host from Naka Ward, Nagoya, was arrested and charged with being involved in abandoning the body, and has pleaded not guilty in the trial that began this month.

Police are further investigating the circumstances of the incident.

In response to the investigation, the suspect Uchida has denied the charges against her.