On February 21, "Hunting Ice" was launched on Tencent Video.

This TV series directed by Gao Qunshu and starring Zhang Songwen and Yao Anna is Zhang Songwen's first TV series after "Hurry". On the day it was launched, the popularity value on the site exceeded 25,000.

  "Hunting Ice" tells the story of the anti-drug police represented by Zhao Younan (played by Yao Anna) who persistently hunted down the drug trafficking group headed by Huang Zongwei (played by Zhang Songwen) and finally successfully eliminated the drug manufacturing gang.

Since the show was aired, it has received widespread attention from netizens. Topics such as "Yao Anna's acting skills" and "The reason why Director Hunting Ice chose Yao Anna" have been on the hot search list. Because of Yao Anna's status as "Huawei's second princess", she has also been Question and bring money into the group.

For a time, doubts about Yao Anna's acting skills were rampant.

  On February 23, director Gao Qunshu responded in a long post on his personal Weibo, denying rumors that Yao Anna brought money to join the group, that Huawei invested in the production process, and that he and Zhang Songwen received red envelopes from Huawei.

Gao Qunshu said that in the early stage, the studio staff recommended Yao Anna to him, "But I don't know who she is or where she comes from." After learning that Yao Anna had not acted, Gao Qunshu immediately became interested, "I like to use uncensored characters. A non-professional actor with any acting training." He praised, "Yao Anna is very simple, without any trace of acting training, and her image and temperament are very similar to that of a fledgling female police officer. Especially, she has not had any plastic surgery." He also revealed, " When Anna Yao was filming the arrest of drug dealers, professional male stuntmen did not run past her, and all the action scenes were completed by herself. All the actors and staff never complained or complained."

  In response to the controversy, Gao Qunshu said: "For so many years, I have resisted capital control, so all I have done is low-cost movies. I have never made a high-end movie so far. But it has been more than 20 years since I filmed a movie as low as "Ice Hunting". This is the first time. What I didn’t expect was that this play was actually said to be bought by capital.”

  At the same time, Gao Qunshu also admitted, "Because of the tight time and tight funds, it has caused a lot of regrets. If the police drama can be written better, and if there is more time to polish the new actors," maybe a better movie will be presented. film and television works to the audience.

"Fortunately, "Ice Hunt" is now liked by most unbiased audiences. For such a low-cost little drama to be so popular, it has exceeded everyone's expectations."

  West China Metropolis Daily-Cover News Trainee Reporter Liu Ye Reporter Xun Chao