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Police officers at a cordon: Search for bodies in Bungonia, about 170 kilometers southwest of Sydney

Photo: Mick Tsikas / EPA

After the sensational double murder of an Australian television journalist and his friend in Sydney, the bodies of the two victims have been found.

"We are confident that we have found Luke and Jesse," said New South Wales Police Chief Karen Webb on Tuesday.

The bodies of 26-year-old celebrity journalist Jesse Baird and 29-year-old flight attendant Luke Davies were discovered in a rural area around two hours' drive from Sydney.

The police officer who was arrested as the suspected perpetrator apparently gave the authorities the crucial tip.

"This information came with the help of the defendant," said Police Chief Webb.

The 28-year-old police officer was once Baird's partner.

The authorities therefore assume that it was a relationship crime - and not a hate crime directed against homosexuals.

"Large amount of blood"

The double murder of Baird and Davies has kept Australia in suspense in recent days.

The investigation was launched after blood-stained clothing belonging to Baird and Davies was found in a rubbish bin in a Sydney suburb early last week.

When investigators searched their apartment in the Paddington district, they found “a large amount of blood,” but there was initially no trace of the victims.

A bullet found in the apartment and coming from a registered police weapon gave the police the decisive clue to the suspected perpetrator.

The gun was later found in a locker at a police station.

The alleged perpetrator was finally arrested on Friday.

Police suspect the bodies of the two men were transported and hidden in surfboard bags in a white van.

According to Australian media, the suspect was a celebrity blogger before joining the police force.

Photos show him with stars such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Ben Stiller, among others.