China News Service, Beijing, February 27 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) Among the recently released films, "Article 20" directed by the famous director Zhang Yimou is a very conspicuous presence, with constant topics and a counterattack in word-of-mouth.

  Among them, the rookie prosecutor Xiao Wang played by actor Liu Yitie did not have many roles, but he also left a deep impression on the audience.

In an interview with a reporter from China News Service, he shared his feelings about working with director Zhang Yimou, and also mentioned the acting experience he learned: A qualified actor should pay attention to details and express the character through details in order to convince the audience.

  When it comes to his plans for the future, he said he just wants to "keep his head down and work hard."

"It's like when I was studying at China Opera, our hands were so nervous before we went on stage for the first time. The teacher said eight words: Do good deeds and don't worry about the future."

  In "Article 20", Liu Yitie plays a rookie prosecutor.

Photo provided by interviewee

How did it feel to work with director Zhang Yimou?

  In "Article 20", Liu Yitie plays a rookie prosecutor.

  This character has the immaturity of just entering the workplace.

In the office, prosecutor Han Ming and Lu Lingling exchanged messages. His cell phone kept ringing, and he would look around curiously. At the same time, he was full of a sense of justice, and he would burst into tears when he saw the truth of Liu Wenjing's case being revealed.

  For Liu Yitie, participating in "Article 20" was a very rewarding filming experience.

He said that director Zhang Yimou was very serious on set and would point out problems to the point.

  "He will express what kind of effect he wants the actors to perform." Liu Yitie learned a lot from it, almost all of which are practical experiences that actors should have, and they cannot be learned in school.

  In fact, "Article 20" is not the first time Liu Yitie has collaborated with director Zhang Yimou.

In the previous hit film "Sniper", he played the role of the scout Liangliang, who was not afraid of sacrifice when facing the test of life and death, and only thought about how to complete the mission.

  "Director Yimou is an amiable and approachable elder in daily life. At work, he is a strict teacher." Liu Yitie concluded that when filming "Article 20", Director Zhang Yimou was always highly focused, Smiling and unsmiling.

  He mentioned a detail, "Brother Jiayin was very funny when he was acting on the set. He often made the director and us laugh. When he returned to work, the director was still meticulous."

Become an actor: learn to represent a character from the details

  Since entering the entertainment industry, Liu Yitie has appeared in film and television dramas such as "Glory Ping Pong", "Beyond", "Sniper" and "The Long Season".

  Actor Liu Yitie.

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  Recalling his decision to study acting, Liu Yitie said frankly that there was actually no special opportunity. He just tried to apply for acting with the mentality of giving it a try, and then naturally became a student of the Central Academy of Drama. "This makes I feel honored.”

  "I didn't have a very concrete understanding of acting at first. I just thought it was interesting to experience other people's lives." Liu Yitie really gained a deep understanding of acting after he entered the Chinese Theater Academy to study. "I found that acting has a sense of mission. Yes, we need to be responsible to the audience.”

  Because of this, he believes that every work he appears in has allowed him to accumulate valuable experience.

For example, when filming "The Long Season", I was very lucky to meet Xin Shuang, a unique director.

  The filming process of this drama also left a deep impression on Liu Yitie, "Before we shoot, we usually walk around like crazy, sometimes 7 or 8 times at a time. When the director and actors are satisfied, we will officially shoot a few more scenes. Just passed."

  In Liu Yitie's words, "The Long Season" is a co-creation process on site, with each having its own output and taking the best.

By learning from senior actors, he realized that qualified actors should pay attention to details and express their characters through details in order to convince the audience.

How to hone your acting skills?

  In the field of acting, Liu Yitie has his own idol.

"When I was a sophomore, I needed to do a report performance. When I was collecting images, I saw the tension of Teachers He Bing and Chen Daoming on the stage, and I wanted to become an actor like them."

  Actor Liu Yitie.

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  As time goes by, Liu Yitie is also thinking about how to make his acting skills more mature and natural.

  "The characters played by actors are all human beings, and different professions mean they are engaged in more professional types of work." He gave an example, "I played the policeman Shi Lei in "The Third Brigade", and I played the policeman Shi Lei in "Article 20" It’s a prosecutor, so I’ll start with their work and understand the daily workflow and things they come into contact with.”

  When there is nothing to do on the set, Liu Yitie will sit behind the monitor and silently study the performances of his predecessors. “When I get the script, I will first go through it in my mind how I want to act, and then I will think about whether there is something new and look for a suitable one.” angles to better shape the characters.”

  When the film and television series he starred in are aired, he will pay attention to netizens' evaluation of his role. "The good aspects will continue to be maintained. If there are some criticisms, I will reflect on myself and make corrections."

  Regarding his future acting career, Liu Yitie's principle is to "keep your head down and work hard."

"Just like when I was studying at the Chinese Opera, our hands were shaking with nervousness before we went on stage for the first time. The teacher said eight words: Do good deeds and don't ask about the future. I firmly believe that the road is at your feet, just do it and you're done." (End)