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There are already those who travel from marathon to marathon.

Or Spartan Race in Spartan Race, the famous obstacle course where everyone looks like a Spartan.

But now, the latest competition that moves masses with the excuse of exercise is called



And although a large part of its

success lies in the CrossFit community

, as it has machines and cardio and strength tests similar to this discipline, the truth is that

everyone can do it

, according to the organizers.

That is why it is growing at a dizzying pace and in 2024 it will add 200,000 participants, 20% of them in Spain.



March 2 is celebrated in Madrid , with a

sold out


for months, and there are already scheduled dates for Malaga (April 13), Madrid with a double day (October 26 and 27), confirming itself as the city with the most participants , and Valencia (November 23).

By 2025, it is planned that there will be events in Bilbao and Barcelona, ​​as well.

"It is a very innovative concept that combines eight kilometers of


and eight


to compete both individually

and in pairs or groups

of four. You can participate regardless of age or the sport you do and without prior classification," explains Álvaro. Taracena, General Manager of Hyrox.


One of the particularities of the event is that it is not determined by inclement weather, as it is held 'indoor' regardless of the country.EM

These are the eight tests, which include

a kilometer of running

between each of them:

  • 1,000 meters skierg (ski machine)

  • 50 meters



  • 50 meters



  • 80 meter

    burpee broad jumps

    ('El Soldadito' are jump)

  • 1,000



  • 200 meters

    farmers carry

    (walk with added weight)

  • 100 meter



  • 75 or 100

    wall balls

    (medicine ball throws to a point on the wall)


    There are four categories: Open individual, Pro, Doubles and Relays.

    These categories are divided according to sex and into different age ranges.em

    The most basic explanation of Hyrox is

    fitness racing

    that mixes endurance and strength.

    "The format is global, it is carried out in an


    pavilion , and

    the tests are the same

    no matter where they are done. Like a marathon, you already know what you are going to find," Taracena slips.

    In this way, it is not subject to inclement weather and is scheduled in the middle of winter, a time when there is usually less competition calendar.

    "It is very


    , and each one competes with their age group. It emerged in Germany in 2017 and is already studying its jump to Africa and South America."


    More than 1,000 sports centers already include specific Hyrox classes, many of them CrossFit boxes.

    But how do they differ?

    "It is a popular event, where

    you always know what you are going to face

    and you have a lot of information to improve from one race to the next. At Hyrox there is no bar with plates or weightlifting and no gymnastic exercises, which represent a barrier to entry for many people because of its complexity," says Taracena.

    "I don't have a


    body , but I like to train strength and in general I run long distances, which is where I get my advantage and earn minutes. Since Hyrox arrived in Spain I have always signed up and it is an event that I enjoy with my brother as a couple. We set goals like

    reducing the time to 50 minutes

    , but if you do it in two hours it is also phenomenal and fun," says Sergio Turull, a young ultra-distance runner, known on social networks as



    This is the opposite case for actress Lucía Ramos, who claims to excel more in strength tests than in


    "The first time

    I signed up like crazy

    , now I'm really training with a trainer and my goal is to get under an hour and twenty for this edition. I've been really hooked," she says.


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    It depends on the category in which you participate and how motivated you want to go, you have to train conscientiously.

    María Jesús de Rivera, trainer and programmer of Hyrox classes at CrossFit Coraje, advises: "If your intention is to have a good time with friends, you can sign up for


    (race as a couple and split tests)

    or Relay

    (the competition is divided into four) and do the


    dividing them between couples or teams, this way it will be much less intense and you will hardly need prior preparation.

    On the other hand, if it is to compete in


    (standard) or


    (experienced) it is more demanding.

    "There I do recommend having a good level of prior


    . And if you want to have good time, prepare at least six months in advance with specialized training."

    According to De Rivera, a good preliminary would be to practice CrossFit regularly and increase more running in weekly training.

    "They are functional exercises that everyone, under normal conditions, can perform. Throughout Spain there are many

    training centers specialized

    in Hyrox that you can find on their website for more specific preparation for the competition."

    In the case of training on our own, De Rivera remembers that it is very important

    to dedicate time to the race


    "Also with fatigue, since it will be done combined with other exercises."

    Each test is followed by one kilometer, "so if you don't want to have a bad time you should train for it beforehand," he says.

    A good way to improve race times would be, according to the coach, "to start training in series, combined with good strength work, pushing and pulling exercises."

    Finally, De Rivera advocates working on


    : "It is the strategy that an athlete chooses to

    control his energy expenditure

    during training to finish in the shortest time possible and it is very important for a long test, where it will be very different from a training session. short and explosive."

    A good strategy for the coach is to manage yourself so as not to start at full speed and end up without gas.

    "It is preferable to go little by little and, if we feel good, push at the end."