Helping the poor with heart and soul, caring and caring, warming people's hearts. Since last year, legal aid has been fruitful in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

  □ Our reporter Cai Changchun

  We will continue to expand the scope of assistance, unblock legal aid application channels, simplify review procedures, improve the quality and efficiency of case handling, and open up the "last mile" of legal aid services.

  Actively promote "intra-regional universal processing" and "cross-regional co-operation" for legal aid applications, set up a "fast road" for cross-regional applications for migrant workers, and "accelerate" legal aid to benefit the people.


  Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers is related to the vital interests of the masses and the livelihood and well-being of hundreds of millions of people, as well as to social fairness and justice, as well as social harmony and stability.

  Since last year, the Ministry of Justice, together with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, has carried out the "Warm Migrant Workers" and "Warm Spring Migrant Workers" service operations, and carried out in-depth activities of "Legal Aid to Benefit People's Livelihood and Help Migrant Workers" to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

According to statistics, in 2023, legal aid agencies across the country organized and handled 480,000 legal aid cases for migrant workers, benefited 540,000 migrant workers, and helped migrant workers recover 6.8 billion yuan in labor remuneration.

  Help those in need with heart and affection, and warm the hearts of the people with care and concern.

  Legal aid agencies at all levels across the country continue to provide convenient, high-quality, and efficient legal aid services to migrant workers, and have truly achieved "response to all assistance, response to speedy assistance, and response to excellent assistance", with fruitful results and remarkable results.

Comprehensive expansion of service channels

  "Thank you so much. I didn't expect that I could apply for legal aid with you with just one phone call. After I recover, I will come to Zhoushan to work!" In September 2023, Lian, a migrant worker from Hubei, came to Zhejiang from his hometown of Xiaogan. The Provincial Zhoushan Legal Aid Center sent a banner with the words "The blue sky has a mirror and justice serves the people" to express its gratitude to the legal aid center for providing him with legal aid after he suffered a traffic accident.

  Legal aid services are “at your fingertips”, making it “warm to the heart” for migrant workers to safeguard their rights without worries.

  Zhejiang Province insists on making efforts online and offline, and strives to build a legal aid "nearby" and "any time" service system; Jiangsu Province continues to strengthen the construction of legal aid sites and improve the convenient service network...

  Legal aid agencies in various regions make full use of 590,000 public legal service entity platforms, 70,000 legal aid workstations and 330,000 legal aid contact points to provide legal aid to migrant workers nearby, and the "half-hour service circle" has basically been formed.

  At the same time, the 12348 public legal service hotline platform in various regions provides migrant workers with round-the-clock services. The 12348 public legal service hotline of Guangdong Province alone will provide legal consultation services to 100,000 migrant workers in 2023.

  When migrant worker Zhang Li (pseudonym) was notified by the company to go through the resignation procedures, she learned that she had not signed a written labor contract and had not paid social insurance.

After learning of the situation, the Tianjin Wuqing District Legal Aid Center gave her legal aid application "priority in acceptance, priority review, and priority assignment", and the matter was finally resolved satisfactorily.

  In recent years, Tianjin Legal Aid Institutions have made every effort to provide high-quality legal aid services to migrant workers through the public legal service entity platform, 12348 public legal service hotline, and Tianjin Legal Network.

  "One-stop service", "let data travel more and people have less errands".

  At present, more than 80% of places across the country have implemented online legal aid services for migrant workers.

  Among them, Henan Province has connected data between the legal service network and the government service network to achieve "one-click transfer" for migrant workers to apply for legal aid; Chengdu City, Sichuan Province has provided "one-stop" legal aid to 1.32 million migrant workers through a WeChat mini program.

  Legal aid agencies in various regions have comprehensively broadened their service channels, continuously extended their service "tentacles", and effectively provided a "protective umbrella" for the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

 Targeted assistance to key groups

  After receiving the arrears of wages, Sun Moumou and other 24 confinement sisters finally felt relieved.

  In March 2023, Sun Moumou and others successively joined a maternal and infant nursing service company in Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province to work as obstetricians and nurses.

As of June 30 of the same year, the company owed everyone nearly 180,000 yuan in wages.

In desperation, Sun Moumou and others reported the above situation to the local legal aid workstation.

  After learning about it, the Yizheng City Legal Aid Center quickly launched the "Enlisting Pioneers and Legally Protecting Migrant Workers" collaborative response mechanism. On the same day, it organized staff and attorneys to rush to the scene to provide legal aid services. After multi-party cooperation and patient interpretation of the law, it was promoted the next day. The two parties reached an agreement, which not only safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the recipients, but also helped local enterprises solve their operating difficulties.

  With the rise of the sharing economy, new employment forms of workers, including takeaway riders, couriers, online ride-hailing drivers, and confinement nannies, have become a huge labor group.

Who will protect their legitimate rights and interests?

Legal aid proactively delivers the warmth of the rule of law.

  Jiangsu Provincial Gig Market is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, receiving an average of 30,000 job seekers every year.

The Jiangning District Justice Bureau focuses on workers’ rights and interests protection demands and practical problems in the new employment form, and established a legal aid workstation in the gig market of Jiangsu Province. It focuses on coordinating labor relations and mediating labor disputes in its daily work, and actively guides workers through legal aid and people’s mediation. and other legal means to effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests.

  Nowadays, the warmth of the rule of law brought by legal aid to workers in new employment forms has also yielded fruitful results in Guangdong Province - Guangzhou City took the lead in setting up the "Guangzhou Legal Aid Workstation for Workers in New Employment Forms" in the country to carry out "flexible employment and new employment forms". "Workers in the Industry" rights protection project provides free legal consultation and assistance services to workers in new employment forms; Zhuhai City promotes the establishment of a "legal aid + mediation" multiple prevention, mediation and resolution mechanism, realizing legal aid consultation on labor dispute cases in new employment forms , application, mediation, arbitration and litigation are all seamlessly connected.

  “If the Legal Aid Center hadn’t assigned us lawyers to fight the lawsuit, we would not have gotten our wages back!” On the afternoon of January 30, Zhou and others, who had just received their back wages, handed over a paper with the words “Legal Aid Benefits” written on it. The banner of "helping the people, safeguarding their rights and resolving their worries" was delivered to Wang Hongli, director of the Legal Aid Center of Fuping County, Shaanxi Province.

  Zhou and others were workers responsible for sorting and delivering goods at a certain transportation station. After being owed wages, they approached the Legal Aid Center for help with the mentality of giving it a try. With the help of the staff, they successfully obtained the arrears of wages and solved the problem. After meeting their urgent need, they were deeply moved.

  In 2023, legal aid agencies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong provinces alone provided legal aid to more than 4,100 workers in new employment forms, including online shopping anchors, customer service staff, delivery boys, and couriers.

  Service levels continue to improve

  On February 2, the national railway Spring Festival Transport work entered the eighth day.

The Legal Aid Center of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province conscientiously implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Justice's notice, and jointly established the "Xinnuan Migrant Workers Legal Aid Workstation" with the Xi'an Public Security Bureau of the Xi'an Railway Public Security Bureau, launching a "one-stop service" station service to provide free legal consultation to migrant workers and legal aid services to provide legal care and warmth.

  In order to do a good job in legal aid for migrant workers before and after the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Justice issued a special notice requiring legal aid institutions across the country to provide "one-stop" legal aid services for migrant workers, including smoothing the "green channel" for legal aid and providing legal aid cases for migrant workers. Implement priority acceptance, priority review, and priority assignment.

  Legal aid agencies in various places acted quickly to provide high-quality and heart-warming "one-stop service" services so that migrant workers could go home with a secure salary for the New Year.

  What should I do if a migrant worker dies while working in another place and his family has no way to claim compensation?

  On the evening of June 10, 2023, Xiang, a migrant worker from Sichuan, accidentally fell and died while working on a lift truck at a construction project site in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

I sought compensation from Mr. and Mrs.'s family to no avail. I was so anxious that I went to the Zhongshan workstation of the Luxian Legal Aid Center in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province for help.

The Legal Aid Center accepted the case on the same day and assisted the family of the deceased throughout the process to participate in mediation and receive compensation. A case of compensation for the death of a migrant worker from another place was successfully resolved.

  All parts of Sichuan continue to improve service levels and smooth legal aid application channels. The Provincial Legal Aid Center, Suining City, Luzhou City, Liangshan Prefecture, and Dazhou City have established legal aid workstations for migrant workers from outside the province to provide legal consultation and legal aid applications for migrant workers in Sichuan. Services such as assistance and guidance have achieved remarkable results.

  The level of legal aid services has been continuously improved, and the people's sense of access to and satisfaction with the rule of law has been further enhanced.

  Zhejiang has made every effort to implement the provincial government's "100% legal assistance within the municipality" for people's livelihood matters, and strengthened the reception and transfer of services across municipalities.

Among them, Zhoushan City has further promoted the "Thousand Islands Universal Service" to save migrant workers from the hardship of traveling and traveling.

  Henan Province continues to optimize legal aid services and strives to improve quality and efficiency to protect people's livelihood.

Among them, Xinyang City created the "Golden Cane" project, set up legal aid workstations in the city's 11 labor and personnel dispute arbitration courts, and established a docking mechanism between wage arbitration and legal aid for migrant workers, which has achieved remarkable results.

  Anhui and other places have established professional lawyer databases and assigned experienced lawyers to handle legal aid cases for migrant workers; Heilongjiang and other places have established mechanisms for handling collective labor dispute cases, involving early intervention and dedicated personnel to handle them; Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places have further improved their internal supervision mechanisms , standardize the legal aid service process, implement the full-process supervision of legal aid cases, ensure that migrant workers' cases must be evaluated when they are concluded, and strive to achieve the "double improvement" of legal aid service quality and public satisfaction.

  There is love in legal aid, and love warms the world.

  Thanks to the unremitting efforts of legal aid agencies at all levels across the country, the flower of legal aid has bloomed more brilliantly across the country. The sunshine of the rule of law has illuminated the work path of migrant workers and brought them more warmth.