The annual "Goto Camellia Festival" was held in Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is known as the natural habitat of camellias.

Goto City, along with Izu Oshima in Tokyo's Izu Islands, is known for having many camellias growing wild, and the Goto Camellia Festival is held every year around this time when the flowers bloom.

At the festival, which was held from the 23rd to the 25th of this month, participants from inside and outside the prefecture visited tourist attractions with guides.

In the park, where approximately 2,800 camellias of 259 varieties were planted, the participants enjoyed exploring the different colors and shapes of the flowers.

They also visited the Abuse Lava Coast, which is said to have been created by lava that flowed out from a volcanic eruption about 50,000 years ago, and took photos from the observatory with the magnificent scenery in the background.

A woman in her 40s from Chiba Prefecture said, ``There were so many different types of camellias that it was worth seeing.''