China News Service, Beijing, February 26 (Shao Meng) The information age is developing rapidly, and cyberspace is increasingly becoming a source of positive energy and a common spiritual home for hundreds of millions of people.

The Internet is changing with each passing day. Maintaining the integrity of cyberspace, exploring diverse forms of positive content, and generating more upward forces for good have become the proper meaning of Internet content construction.

  As an important measure to strengthen the construction of positive energy in the Internet, the 2023 China Positive Energy Internet Quality Collection and Exhibition hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China is in full swing.

With the theme of "Gathering the Power of a Powerful Country to Build a Great Rejuvenation", the event collects and selects high-quality online positive energy texts, pictures, audio and video, special columns and theme activities that emerged from January 1 to December 31, 2023. The final selection will be There are 550 high-quality Internet products in five categories, illuminating the main direction of the Internet with strong positive energy.

  The Internet gathers the power of unity and paints a moving picture of helping each other and staying in the same boat.

Looking back on 2023, we see warmth in the subtleties and move forward through mutual help.

Whether it was the various forces who rushed to the rescue and all-out search and rescue during the Jishishan earthquake in Gansu Province, or the villagers who devoted all their resources to help passengers when the K396 train was trapped by heavy rain; whether it was the people who jumped off a 12-meter high bridge to save a woman who fell into the water. The delivery boy is also a member of the mountaineering team who gave up his long-cherished wish to summit Mount Everest in order to save his life... Faced with difficulties and storms on the way forward, the Chinese people can always overcome difficulties and obstacles with unity and move forward bravely.

  The Internet gathers the power of struggle to write a glorious chapter of the times in building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation.

Looking back on 2023, we can see perseverance in sweat and create the future in hard work.

Whether it is the Chinese astronauts who overcame the difficulties behind the successful launch of the Shenzhou 17 manned spacecraft, or the athletes who worked hard at the Hangzhou Asian Games and Chengdu Universiade to show China's confidence to the world; whether it is the stunning appearance of the "big country's most important weapon" Behind the scenes are the scientific researchers who are diligently searching, or the new farmers who are working hard in the fields and pursuing their dreams on the road to rural revitalization... Faced with resistance and challenges on the way forward, the Chinese people can always use their strength to reach new heights and create miracles. .

  Gather the strength of powerful countries and jointly build the great cause of rejuvenation.

On the way forward, those moments of mutual help, the struggles of ordinary individuals, and the surge of the times are worthy of being discovered, recorded, and disseminated.

China's positive energy network quality collection and exhibition activities closely follow the pulse of the times, grasp the new form of network communication, and use lines of text, pictures, and audio and video that are full of "Internet sense" and "Internet flavor" to further make the network bigger and stronger The mainstream thoughts and public opinions in the space gather the power of unity and majestic positive energy.

  China's Positive Energy Network Collection and Exhibition has been successfully held for seven times so far. Thousands of works not only record unforgettable Chinese moments and Chinese stories, but also promote an era relay of positive energy on the Internet, which will surely arouse more people. Consensus is built through resonance, and strong momentum and majestic force are gathered to build the great cause of rejuvenation.