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In a video, Buckingham Palace announced that since announcing his cancer at the beginning of the month, Charles III had received more than 7,000 letters of support and encouragement from all over the world.

Under treatment, the British monarch withdrew from his official duties.

Messages of support from all over the world.

Since the announcement of his cancer on February 5, King Charles III has received more than 7,000 letters of encouragement, Buckingham Palace announced in a video posted on the royal family's Instagram account.


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Thanking the many senders, the palace also presents extracts from the correspondence.

In addition to the numerous messages of solidarity, some include drawings or appear to have been written by children.

“Sending you all my prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery,” one letter read.

"Stay positive and don't let this drag you down. Trust me, the treatment works, but the most important thing is family," wrote another.

Also, “many shared their own experiences with cancer,” says Buckingham.

“Sources of comfort and encouragement” for Charles III

The king had the opportunity to read some of these letters and cards, selected and placed in the king's "red box", this famous red briefcase which is used to transmit confidential documents and notes to the monarch.

Charles III also wanted to thank those who sent him these letters, stressing that “such kind messages are the best sources of comfort and encouragement”.

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The announcement of Charles III's cancer at the beginning of February, less than 18 months after his accession to the throne, caused a shock wave in the United Kingdom.

Although the form of cancer has not been specified, the king has withdrawn from his official functions to follow his treatment, but continues to carry out some of his administrative functions.