On February 24, the 20th International Congress of Collateral Medicine was held in Shijiazhuang City.

Nearly 20 academicians of the two academies, including Zhang Boli, Fan Daiming, Liu Depei, Zhang Yun, and Wu Yiling, as well as more than 100,000 experts and scholars from home and abroad, gathered at the conference in a combination of online and offline methods.

Academician Zhang Boli delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference.

  Academician Zhang Boli emphasized in his speech at the conference: “The development of traditional Chinese medicine is currently in a period of important strategic opportunities with great potential and great achievements. Only by strengthening the innovative development of academic theories of traditional Chinese medicine and fully stimulating the potential and vitality of the development of traditional Chinese medicine can we promote traditional Chinese medicine to stand firm in the world. The forest of science in the world. As a model of inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of collateral disease has been inherited and innovated in the theory of collateral disease, improved clinical efficacy, and innovative after 40 years of hard work and innovation with the joint efforts of domestic and foreign experts represented by Academician Wu Yiling. Fruitful results have been achieved in drug research and development and other aspects, and the successful experience of 'theory first, evidence-based is king' has been summarized, which has effectively promoted the construction of the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology innovation system and the development of traditional Chinese medicine."

  Zhang Boli introduced that "theory first" refers to the inheritance and innovation of the theory of collateral disease. "Collateral disease" was found in the "Huangdi Neijing". Later, Ye Tianshi proposed some treatment principles and methods of the theory of collateral disease.

It was Academician Wu Yiling who truly integrated the theory of collateral disease into clinical practice and systematically proposed the essence, treatment mechanism, evidence-based evidence, and drug development of collateral disease. Therefore, what Academician Wu Yiling did is the fourth milestone in theoretical research on collateral disease.

  "Evidence-based is king." Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of 5,000 years. The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is certain, but modern evidence is needed. Academician Wu Yiling's team drew on new methods of modern medical scientific research to carry out a series of evidence-based studies and achieved results. Important results.

  Academician Zhang Boli believes that these studies have promoted the construction of the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology innovation system and the development of traditional Chinese medicine. The choroid theory, a branch of the collateral disease discipline, has guided the research on the prevention and treatment of microvascular lesions and made significant progress, winning the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019. , was selected as the landmark scientific and technological achievements of traditional Chinese medicine in the new era of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2012-2022).

Tongluo drugs have achieved outstanding results in intervening in the cardiovascular event chain. In particular, the addition of Tongxinluo to standard treatment has achieved good results in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction. The relevant results were published in "JAMA", one of the world's top four medical journals. This major publication fully demonstrates the exact efficacy of collateral disease theory in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and has been recognized by the world.

  At the same time, the collateral disease theory has a new branch - the Qi collateral theory, which has formed a theory to guide the prevention and treatment of neurological, endocrine, immune and other system diseases.

Focusing on anti-aging research, we applied the theory of Qi and collaterals and the theory of essence, qi and spirit to guide anti-aging research, and developed Bazi Bushen Capsule, which has achieved clear anti-aging effects.

We have seen the role and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in anti-aging and coping with the challenges of aging. We believe that anti-aging research guided by the theory of Qi and Luo, Jing Qi and Shen, will also achieve outstanding results on the basis of being approved as a national key research and development plan.

  Academician Zhang Boli hopes that on the basis of the 20th International Collateral Congress, he will continue to adhere to the purpose of "inheritance, openness, innovation and integration", actively promote the inheritance and innovation development of traditional Chinese medicine, and contribute to the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, Contribute China's strength to traditional Chinese medicine to safeguard the health of the Chinese people and the health of people around the world.