China News Service, February 26. According to China Road Network Weibo, as of 7 o'clock today, affected by rain, snow and icy roads, Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, Hunan, Yunnan, Chongqing, In 11 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) including Jiangxi, a total of 47 road sections have been closed (involving 32 expressways and 5 ordinary national highways), and 281 toll stations have been closed (involving 52 expressways). The time for resumption of traffic is yet to be determined.

Details are as follows:

  Guizhou (187 toll stations closed, 32 road sections closed): G69 Yinbai Expressway Nanping Interchange to Liuhedu Interchange section, G7512 Zhurong Expressway Shuangshi to Jinfeng Wujiang Bridge, G7521 Yuzhu Expressway Qingshan Interchange to Nanmudu Bridge section , Nanmudu to Yangchang interchange section, S02 Zunyi Ring Expressway Lengshuiping to Leli Interchange section, S07 Kaili Ring Expressway Majiang hub to Sankeshu hub section, S08 Duyun Ring Expressway Yangliu Street to Wuyang Interchange section , S15 Songshan Expressway from Baguanxi Interchange to Dalong Interchange Section, Tianzhu to Congjiangdong Section, S19 Jiangyu Expressway Huangmuchong Interchange to Minxiao Interchange Section, S84 Tianzhen Expressway Tianzhu Interchange to Sansui South Section, Deming Interchange to Yangmanshao Interchange, S25 along Rong Expressway Shiqian Interchange to Censong Interchange, Langdong to Zhaihao Interchange, S29 Deyu Expressway Heba to Xiaoji Interchange, S30 Jiangqian Expressway Baixi Interchange to Lianglukou Interchange section, Liutong to Hanjiadian interchange section, S32 Yuxin Expressway Hetang Interchange to Zunyi boundary section, S34 Shibo Expressway Feilonghu to Lengshuiping section, S36 Yupan Expressway Baiyangping to Shangtang section, Baiyangping to Fengjiazhuang interchange section section, S42 Kaifu Expressway Lubi Hub to Machangping Interchange Section, S55 Renwang Expressway Xinhua to Shajing Section, S61 Heliu Expressway Hezhang South to Pheasant Street Section, S62 Yushu Expressway Yangjia Interchange Section, S63 Kaicong Expressway Xiachangpo Interchange to Zhongcheng Interchange Section, S72 Jianli Expressway Bazhouhe Interchange to Gaotun Section, S82 Zhuda Expressway Baiyun Interchange to Xinren Interchange Section, Xinren to Dafang Section, G243 Honghuagang Section, G354 Jiangkou Section, Shiqian part;

  32 toll stations in Gansu are closed;

  Ningxia (26 toll stations closed, 4 road sections closed): G22 Qinglan Expressway Longde to Maojiagou section, G70 Fuyin Expressway Liwang to Liupanshan section, Zhongning to Changshantou section, G1816 Wuma Expressway Zhongning to Changshantou section;

  Qinghai (10 toll stations closed, 2 road sections closed): S201 Sichuan-Dalian Expressway Minhe Section, G0615 Dema Expressway Huajiu Section;

  Sichuan (7 toll stations closed, 2 road sections closed): G4217 Aba section of Rongchang Expressway; G8513 Mianyang section of Jiu-Mian Expressway;

  Six toll stations in Anhui are closed;

  Guangdong (5 toll stations closed, 1 road section closed): G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway Shaoguan Section;

  Hunan (4 toll stations closed, 2 road sections closed); G234 section from Gaoming to Shuangfeng, G320 section from Zhimucao to Xuefeng Forest Farm;

  Yunnan (3 toll stations closed, 1 road section closed): S11 Yibi Expressway from south to Zhenxiong east section;

  Chongqing (1 toll station closed, 1 road section closed): G7521 Yuzhu Expressway Anwen North Interchange to the Chongqing-Guizhou border section;

  Jiangxi (2 sections closed): G353 Xiushui County section and Zhongyuan Township section of Jing'an County.


Screenshot of China Road Network Weibo