In Moscow, two incidents happened at once that put me in a logical dead end.

The owner of a Lyubertsy coffee shop kicked out a SVO soldier for bad behavior.

Okay, let's face it: not all fighters are 100% perfect.

Let's believe her that he behaved impolitely.

But what was surprising was that the owner herself made the incident public - she rushed to social networks to praise herself.

“I’ve already kicked out the homeless,” she wrote, “now the would-be fighters are on my list.”

In other posts, she called Russia a fascist state and said that she felt sorry for the fighters, but they themselves had to resist and not allow themselves to be taken away like calves to the Northern Military District.

In two years, we have already realized that among our compatriots there are people with such thinking.

Something else is surprising: she deliberately used the occasion of the expulsion of the SVO fighter as an advertisement for her coffee shop.

That is, I was counting on broad support.

It turns out that high-profile cases in which society stood up for fighters passed her by.

In what kind of deaf information isolation does this woman live?

And almost simultaneously a similar incident occurred.

Visitors to the Sur bar, which positions itself as a place for “progressive, young and free,” complained to the police.

On February 21, people came to the bar to drink and eat, and they were offered to buy postcards with images of Ukraine, promising that all the money from the purchase would go to help Ukraine.

The police raided the bar and confiscated the postcards.

But... the end of February 2024.

I really want to ask the owner of this “Syur” a question: “Where do you live?

What are you watching, listening to, reading if you don’t know that you can go to prison for sponsoring terrorism and come out of it not so young and progressive?”

It is known what the creator of “Sura” reads.

He himself admitted in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper that after the start of the SVO he reads Meduza every day*.


This is where I hit a dead end.

That is, he reads the media, which for many years has been diligently talking about the “bloody regime” in Russia, about the cruelest repressions in the country, and at the same time he does not know that for sponsoring Ukraine, which kills our citizens, he can legally get a prison sentence?

How is this possible?

Where's the logic?

Well, okay, a person physically lives in one of the most comfortable and rich metropolises in the world.

He runs a successful business, which allowed him to fly to Rome on weekends, and lives and works calmly after being given interviews.

But it turns out that his eyes see one thing, and his favorite media tells another?



And then a free progressive person would somehow explain it to himself, but instead he starts selling Ukrainian postcards right in the center of Moscow.

Being sure that nothing will happen to him for this.

Just like the owner of the coffee shop, she was sure that she would be praised for the expelled fighter and that people would come to her for coffee.

But the bar employees were taken away for questioning, and the owner of the coffee shop was fined.

And I have a question in bold type: “So do you believe these “jellyfish” that you read every day or not?!”

Apparently not.

Why are you reading this then?

I thought about this for some time, but came to the conclusion that neither the owner of the bar nor the owner of the cafe themselves knew the answer to it.

They are simply more comfortable not delving into all these logical inconsistencies and contradictions, otherwise a lot can flow out of reflection: eight years of war in Donbass, and the death of children, and the realization that Ukraine is not from a postcard.

Why should people from a comfortable world strain themselves so much?

It’s easier to read your favorite media that doesn’t force you to think and drives you into a narrow world.

Where everyone around you is Russian trash, and you alone are free and progressive.

In these microscopic worlds, the illusion develops that everyone thinks like you.

And no one will complain about the postcards, and no one will come to the fighter’s defense.

But as soon as you accidentally poke your nose out of your information blockade, it turns out that the entire vast country thinks differently.

* Media recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated April 23, 2021.

The organization was recognized as undesirable by decision of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.

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