The Lantern Festival was held in Nagasaki City in conjunction with the Chinese New Year's Spring Festival, and the final day was the 25th, during which a large number of people participated in the traditional Chinese performance of the ``Henmen Show,'' where the masks change one after another. Had fun.

The ``Nagasaki Lantern Festival'' is a winter tradition held in conjunction with the Chinese New Year, ``Spring Festival,'' in Nagasaki, which has long had active exchanges with foreign countries.This year, it was held on a regular scale for the first time in four years. Ta.

On the final day, the 25th, the traditional Chinese performance ``Henmen Show'' was performed at Nagasaki Confucius Shrine in Oura-cho, Nagasaki City, which is one of the venues, and about 800 people visited and it was so crowded that admission was restricted. I did.

The mask artists wearing colorful costumes changed their masks one after another, and the visitors applauded their skillful techniques.

A 23-year-old woman who visited with her sister from Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, said, ``We watched closely, but we had no idea how they changed their masks, so it was interesting.'' We want to go around the city and enjoy sightseeing.'' I was there.

This year's Nagasaki Lantern Festival was held for 17 days from February 9th, and according to Nagasaki City, approximately 1.21 million people visited during the festival, the largest number ever.