In the Hakkoda Mountains of Aomori Prefecture, work was carried out to dig up apples that had been stored in the snow during the winter to preserve their freshness.

This work was carried out by a fruit and vegetable company in Aomori City, and on the 25th they dug up approximately 16 tons of ``Sun Fuji'' that had been buried in the snow at the foot of the Hakkoda Mountains last December.

First, personnel from the fruit and vegetable company used heavy machinery to remove snow about 2 meters high, revealing wooden boxes filled with apples.

Afterwards, about 15 people who took part in the digging tour used shovels to shovel the snow away, and when the work was completed, they were served apples.

Because the temperature and humidity remain constant in the snow, the apples retain their freshness and bring out their sweetness, which participants enjoyed.

A tour participant said, ``This is my first time eating an apple in the snow, and it's very juicy and delicious.''

A person in charge of a wholesale company in Aomori Prefecture that purchases apples every year said, ``We were worried because there wasn't much snow this year, but we were relieved that the apples turned out safe and delicious.''

The unearthed apples will be sold at supermarkets across the country from the end of February.