China News Service, Hangzhou, February 24 (Qian Chenfei, Shan Jingxiang) "The awakening of the bloodline of 'Generation Z'" has recently become a hot topic on Chinese social media.

Buying gold, listening to and watching operas, wearing new Chinese-style clothes, etc. have set off a new trend of consumption among young Chinese people.

  During the Spring Festival, gold products such as the Year of the Dragon zodiac series and small-gram gold transfer beads are popular.

Hangzhou citizen Li Xinyi chose zodiac-themed gold jewelry as a New Year gift for her niece. “My niece has just been born, so I think giving gold jewelry is more ritualistic and commemorative than red envelopes. I also bought myself a little golden pig to save money. jar, I plan to store golden beans in it."

  Tmall's "2023 Jewelry Industry Trends White Paper" and Alipay's "2023 Alipay Annual Discovery Report" show that gold jewelry consumers are mainly women aged 18 to 34, and the consumption enthusiasm of the "post-90s" and "post-00s" is growing rise.

  This year's Spring Festival in the Year of the Dragon coincides with Valentine's Day, and the gold market is becoming more and more popular. Some young couples choose to buy gold jewelry instead of giving flowers.

Wang Yan (pseudonym), a boy born in the 2000s, chose a piece of gold jewelry for his girlfriend just before Valentine’s Day.

He said: "Flowers are perishable and not as good as jewelry, but the jewelry launched by some luxury brands has a serious premium, so I choose to buy gold jewelry, which not only reflects my feelings but also preserves its value."

  Observing the above phenomenon, on the one hand, the "gold craze" is due to the updated styles of gold jewelry, innovative integration of filigree, enamel and other crafts, in line with the aesthetics of "Generation Z", providing more choices for young people to "gold dig"; on the other hand, gold places The characteristics of value preservation and appreciation also meet the needs of young people for a sense of security. More and more young people have begun to join the ranks of "saving gold beans".

  In addition to buying gold products, listening to and watching operas has also become popular among young people.

The new Chinese-style environmental Yue opera "New Longmen Inn" created by Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe became popular from 2023 to 2024. Related topics were frequently searched, and many netizens shouted, "This is an opera engraved in the bones of the Chinese people." DNA".

  Li Wangrong, a "post-00s" girl, joined the Zhejiang University student Yue Opera Club because she loved opera.

"We will rehearse classic Yue opera plays as annual dramas for everyone to enjoy; we usually organize Yue opera makeup sessions, Yue opera quality courses and other activities to introduce the makeup, singing and posture of Yue opera to everyone. After "New Dragon Inn" became popular, There are more and more young people around me who are curious about Yue Opera, and I will also educate them about the differences between traditional Yue Opera and new Chinese-style Yue Opera."

  In the "Tianmuli" complex frequented by young people in Hangzhou, the Drama Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music has recently established an art practice base here, and will work with the local area to carry out activities such as citizen drama performance training, drama creation, and drama performances.

Jiang Wei, deputy director and deputy secretary of the Drama Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, said, "Young people's love for traditional culture is an awakening and a new trend. I believe that this way of life will be further integrated into the streets and alleys, combined with the fireworks of the world. It will definitely be accepted by more young people.”

  Under the craze of traditional culture, new Chinese-style clothing continues to be popular.

In the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Dragon in 2024, the traditional Chinese pattern creation show "Nian Brocade" shows the traditional Hanfu styles of the four dynasties of Han, Tang, Song and Ming, "Liu Shishi Hairpin Lady", "Li Qin Spring Festival Gala Song Rhyme Ancient Costume Blockbuster", "Guan Xiaotong" Topics such as "Ming Dynasty Hanfu" have been trending on Weibo, boosting the popularity of new Chinese clothing.

  In fact, as early as before the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala, new Chinese-style clothing had already broken the circle among young people.

Geng Xiaotong, a girl born in the 1990s, runs a new Chinese-style clothing store. She said that most of the people who come to the store to buy are young people. Sales peaked a year ago, with monthly sales reaching tens of thousands.

  Wang Liangzhong, a junior student, made an appointment with his friends to wear new Chinese clothes to welcome the New Year.

As an "old fan" of Hanfu, Wang Liangzhong said that the public's acceptance of new Chinese styles has been increasing in recent years.

"I bought my first Hanfu when I was in junior high school, but my family didn't understand it at the time and thought it was a costume. In the past few years, as the national trend culture has gradually become more popular and popular, people around me have gradually fallen in love with it. I got into new Chinese clothing, and now my mother also has her own set of Hanfu in her closet.”

  Buying gold, listening to and watching dramas, being obsessed with new Chinese style... When traditional culture and youth fashion trends are cleverly integrated, and when related industries adapt to the consumption needs of young groups, "tradition" is becoming another kind of "fashion."